Centre for Dentistry is a an exciting, three-way collaboration between supermarket group Sainsbury’s, individual private dentists wishing to practice within a Sainsbury’s store, and Centre for Dentistry itself, who equip and maintain the studios, and manage centralised marketing and back-office functions for all practices. In writing the web content, I’ve established a friendly, open and accessible tone of voice consistent with Managing Director Lisa Riley’s vision for the company’s relationship with both its patients and its dentist partners. Web content for Centre for Dentistry.

completed: 2012
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Welcome. To a completely new kind of dentist.

Relaxed? Confident? Completely at ease? Not the words too many people choose to describe the way they feel when they think about their dentist.

Perhaps you wouldn’t choose them yourself to describe the way you’ve felt about the dentist in the past.

But this is the way we’re determined you should feel when you visit your local Centre for Dentistry, the bright, modern dental centre inside Sainsbury’s.

Centre for Dentistry. Friendly, helpful and… very convenient.

Patient, friendly dentists. Gentle, helpful nurses and receptionists. Convenient appointments at the weekend or in the evening. Beautifully designed, superbly equipped, modern treatment rooms. Keen prices and affordable plans to spread the cost of regular care. And a wonderful, proactive programme to make your children think about their teeth, and feel good about the dentist.

Whether it’s for you or your kids, and even if you’ve not seen a dentist for a very long time, your local Centre for Dentistry will take however you’ve felt about dentists in the past… and change it for ever.

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