Kingly Wisdom provide concierge and lifestyle management services for the market of wealthy, Eastern European individuals with homes, as well as personal and business dealings in London,. I’ve written the site with a purposeful and businesslike tone that acknowledges the level of service to which this audience is accustomed.Full site content for concierge services provider, Kingly Wisdom.

completed: 2014
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Kingly Wisdom. London’s ultimate concierge service.

For individuals of high net worth, elite social standing or outstanding professional or commercial achievement, time and reliability are the most valuable of all commodities.

Kingly Wisdom is London’s elite concierge service. As such we save time and provide total dependability for business leaders, dignitaries, entrepreneurs and figures of social standing from around the world.

Our clients have in common only that their busy lives and crowded itineraries tend to be centred on London, and demand the certainty that when they contact us, we will respond swiftly, efficiently and with absolute discretion. 

Living life with Kingly Wisdom by your side

We provide a wide range of core concierge services, as well as a portfolio of additional specialised services to assist with the management of your home and family life.

Whether in London, or as you travel, Kingly Wisdom ensures that the best hotels, restaurant tables and select bar and club guest lists are waiting to welcome you. We look after every detail of your travel itinerary, ensuring that each chauffeured car, private jet, helicopter or yacht is where you want it, when you require it. We plan and book flights, arrange safe and luxurious transfers, and ensure your welcome in the finest lounges at airports around the world. We secure tickets to world class cultural and sporting events on your behalf, and at short notice.

Assisting with your family and your home

Kingly Wisdom isn’t only here to take care of lifestyle detail. We also provide a meticulous and attentive recruitment service to identify permanent or temporary staff of the highest quality to work in your London household. Our expert property service is also available to assist with searching and acquisition of property in London, as well as with its ongoing care and maintenance.

For clients with children of school or higher education age wishing to study in the UK, we provide detailed assistance with every aspect of selecting and applying to appropriate institutions. We also offer caring, on the ground support for children at boarding school or college, assisting you and them with the management and transit of their possessions, resolution of personal difficulties and arrangements for vacation travel.

An exclusive Membership Concierge Service

We offer a range of private Membership packages, enabling clients to select an appropriate level of access to Kingly Wisdom’s superlative concierge services. We also offer Corporate Membership, customised to meet the client entertainment   and executive lifestyle needs of individual organisations. READ MORE.



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