Based in Cheshire, Suzymakeup is a specialist in making up brides, as well as their parties, for their big day. In writing this site (which I also planned the structure for), I’ve chosen a friendly and inviting first person voice, echoing the enthusiasm and warmth of the client herself. Full website content for bridal makeup specialist Suzymakeup.

completed: 2016
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In an ideal world, everything about your wedding would be exactly as you would like it.

But for most brides, the views of mothers and fathers, as well as those of their partner and his/her family, are also likely to have a bearing on the ceremony, venue, catering, photographer, music, flowers and, perhaps, even dress.

But the one thing that really must be all yours, with no comprise on what you want, is your make up.

Wedding makeup Cheshire

I’ve been a wedding make up artist working in Cheshire and the North West for more than twenty years.

During that time it’s been my absolute privilege and honour to help hundreds of wonderful women to prepare for their big day, and to walk down the aisle feeling confident and happy about themselves and the way they look.

And that’s how I see being a bridal makeup artist.

It’s partly about the makeup we use and the application we agree on.

But it’s just as much about a partnership between you and me in which I promise to help you look great, calm your nerves and make sure that by the time you get up from the makeup chair, you feel ready to face the world like you’ve never done before.

Check out my pages about the build up to your big day, the big day itself and how I can take care of your mum, or your bridesmaids or sisters as well.

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