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completed: 2021
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Our approach runs counter to that taken by many of our industry peers, who frequently distribute offerings formed by third parties.

In contrast to this, with our own extensive network of dealmakers (and in particular in collaboration with our ‘trusted Partners’ in Deal, Origination & Packaging and Facilitation & Business Processing), originating the deal and supporting the facilitation of the end-to-end investment cycle ourselves ensures a secured pathway in which capital introduced can be deployed, managed and returned to Investors with favourable growth.

Tangible benefits of our approach.

Our end to end deal sourcing, product origination and investment facilitation model enables us to provide Introducers and Investors who are our Members with a number of attractive benefits.

  • Cost efficiency

Our one-stop solution with in-house handling enables us to suppress fee levels significantly.

  • Access & transparency

With end to end visibility of every part of the investment to financing value chain, we can offer Members unparalleled access and transparency.

  • Diversification

We are able to provide Members with access to a useful range of diversification of options.

  • Protection

In offering non-correlated Alternative Investments, we assist Members in protecting themselves against Markets downside.

  • Growth Potential

With influence over financed target companies and the formulation of product, our approach enables us to provide potential for above-market upside and accelerated growth.

We maintain continuous dialogue with our Members, encouraging feedback with which we are able to monitor the suitability of our Approach in fulfilling their needs.

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