In writing the content for the launch website of social enterprise Able CIC, and its innovative Big Bad iTea Party event format, I’ve chosen an engaging and inclusive voice, designed to encourage participation amongst potential volunteers – the key target audience for the site. Full site content for social enterprise Able CIC.

completed: 2017
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The Big Bad iTea Party. A movement to combat loneliness, powered by passionate volunteer Ambassadors across the UK.

Now in our second exciting year, Big Bad iTea Party volunteers invite carefully identified older people to tea parties in their local areas. As well as providing them with a lovely afternoon out, we use the occasion to introduce them to the pleasure and company of using today’s easy, everyday social communications tools like video chat and instant messaging.

The Big Bad iTea Party is always on the lookout for more volunteer Ambassadors.


Innovative. Involving. And highly effective.

The Big Bad iTea Party takes a uniquely proactive approach to combatting loneliness amongst older people, providing its guests with the simple technological key to being less lonely… for ever.


Loneliness. The growing challenge.

With an ever larger proportion of the population passing the age of 65, more than 1 million older people professing to feeling lonely, and loneliness being recognised as a catalyst for depression and other illness, the Big Bad iTea Party’s initiative could not be more important.


Become a volunteer Ambassador today.

Care about older people in your community? Have some experience in organising events or raising funds? Even if you haven’t, get in touch and we’ll show you how we can work together to bring the Big Bad iTea party to your area.



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