I worked closely with Futura’s highly driven and focused CEO to clarify and refocus the content for the company’s site, ensuring that visitors could grasp quickly and fully the potential value of Futura’s input, which involved both a proprietary software platform and the company’s expertise in configuring the platform and deducing action options from its output. My tone avoids consulting speak as much as possible, aiming for clarity and education. Full site content for specialist performance optimisation consultant Futura Global.

completed: 2018
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Futura. The solution to the problem every company faces.

Futura helps organisations in any sector to deal with the same, eternal challenge.

How to align assets – be they people, plant, transportation, commodities or anything else on which performance   depends – so as to maximise the outcomes that matter.

Why we set up Futura

As career consultants, we had long been aware that a single problem dogged the ability of every organisation to organise its assets for optimal performance.

Until a company can pin down all the data it considers significant in sufficient detail, it cannot acquire meaningful answers to the questions that really matter.

By the time it has amassed the data, however, it is usually too late to make the changes that could have maximised performance and realised the available savings.

So, in 2000, we set up Futura.

The unique Futura platform

Rather than leave every organisation to re-invent the wheel for itself, or reinvent it for each client case (as we’d done as consultants), we developed our own innovative, configurable platform that enables us to home in quickly and clearly on any organisation’s’ biggest problems and opportunities.

The platform takes the time and risk out of optimising performance, and gives executives within the organisation a robust evidence basis on which to take the decisions needed.

Our investment in your performance

We continuously refine and develop the Futura platform, deploying it in partnership with large, complex organisations and across entire business systems, rather than individual silos; uncovering previously hidden opportunities for our clients to achieve more with less.

We maintain an ambitious programme of research and development to support clients in taking major decisions while the time is still on their side to reap the benefits of these decisions.

Our approach means that, with great rapidity, we can support growth and help alleviate the risks and bottlenecks that prevent large organisations from achieving their best possible performance.

How we measure our success

We don’t sell time. We sell solutions to problems.

We measure our success in terms of your increased performance, assessed by your own metrics; your saved cost and risk; and the time saved for you in being able to take the critical actions you need based on robust intelligence.


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