Buy2LetCars is a unique, peer to peer vehicle finance platform, offering private investors the opportunity to enter the profitable vehicle finance market previously available only to banks. I’ve used a clear, accessible tone of voice designed to ensure that the business model is easily understood by prospective lenders. Web content for peer to peer vehicle finance lending platform

completed: 2015
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How it works

Buy2LetCars gives you the opportunity to earn a highly attractive return by providing lucrative car finance to a driver who wants to lease a vehicle.

You have no involvement at any time with the vehicle nor with the driver. Your only relationship is with us. We guarantee your monthly payments and total final return, even if the driver were to default.

Tell me more.

We agree a lease of 24 or 36 months with the driver.

You then provide the money needed to fund the vehicle through our supply partners. (This will be between £13,600 and £25,000, depending on the car.)

We manage the lease throughout its life, with you the funder receiving a monthly payment which is paid directly into your bank account.

At the end of the lease, you receive a final exit payment from us. This completes your return to the pre-agreed level of between 16% and 33%, depending on the product you’ve chosen.

So is this a new concept?

Yes. Until very recently banks kept the financing of car purchases very much to themselves, because the return the lender can look forward to (you will earn between 8% and 11% per annum doing this through us) is attractive even for them.

Our products are also ‘asset backed’, which means the lender always has something physical (in this case a car), rather than merely a paper-based instrument, for security.

So popular are our services that we now have attracted wholesale funding from credit unions and institutions. Much like private individuals, companies are also looking for a better return on their capital.

And why has this changed now?

Since the banking crisis in 2008, you’ll know how difficult it’s been to earn meaningful interest on your savings using bank or building society accounts, ISAs or fixed bonds.

So people like you have been forced to look for other opportunities.

At the same time, the banking crisis has also meant that banks have became far more cautious in their lending.

So for many people wanting to lease a car, obtaining finance has become harder or more expensive.

Buy2LetCars. Peer to peer car finance.

That’s where we stepped in.

Our service helps people who need cars (often keyworkers like teachers, nurses or train drivers, or people with the determination to work for themselves) to obtain them on fair and competitive lease terms.

And it lets private individuals like you play the role the banks and finance houses would have liked to keep for themselves, and earn a very healthy return on your money.


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