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Hypnotherapy. A safe and effective therapy that lets us relax and influence your sub-conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective therapy for a huge range of anxieties, compulsions and habits, as well as psychological difficulties that prevent us from achieving important lifestyle changes. When you are treated using Hypnotherapy, you retain complete control over your actions at all times. The gentle, relaxing effect of hypnosis enables your subconscious mind to safely redefine existing negative thoughts and influences, envisage and experience positive scenarios and so retrain your response to situations which have until now been worrying, traumatic or challenging for you.


How Hypnotherapy works.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a completely safe, well-established and recognised psychological approach. During hypnosis you are gently guided, with your full knowledge and collaboration, into what’s known as the ‘trance state’.
This is the same state of deep relaxation that you enter multiple times each day as your mind wanders into a day-dream from a situation you are actually involved in.
You are fully conscious and in complete control of your actions, yet fully relaxed, throughout the process.
While you are in this trance state, you will be more open to positive suggestion, enabling you to more efficiently deal with situations, circumstances or eventualities which may be contributing to the anxieties, habits or other problems that you are struggling with.
The key is that though your conscious mind is completely aware of what’s going on, your subconscious is free to accept the suggestion of positive thoughts and ideas.
Using this, we can generally change fixed, negative ideas into strong, positive attitudes.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Yes. Clinical hypnotherapy is an entirely safe intervention.
It’s important to remember that although when you are in the trance state your subconscious mind is more free to accept suggestion, your mind will only accept those suggestions that are safe and appropriate, and you are at all times consciously aware of the process.
Hypnotherapy is routinely recommended by GPs to smokers wanting to quit, as well as to those suffering from poorly managed stress, anger issues, anxiety and other conditions such as depression and phobias.

Conditions commonly treated by Hypnotherapy.

I’ve used Hypnotherapy with great success to help clients overcome or learn to manage a very wide range of challenges. You can read about these on my Concerns & Issues pages, but certain problems come up with particular frequency, and are generally helped very successfully.


Anxieties can be helped greatly by using Hypnotherapy to relax the subconscious mind, enabling you to experience for yourself ways to create a state of calmness when confronted by situations in which these arise.

Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy is extremely successful with clients who experience difficulty being in the spotlight. This is as applicable to difficulties presenting over Zoom or similar platforms, as it is to live meetings or performances.

Stopping Smoking

Similarly, by relaxing the sub-conscious, Hypnotherapy is very successful for helping clients who have convinced themselves that they are incapable of giving up smoking, no matter how much they might wish to.

Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapist.

I have been using Hypnotherapy to help clients since I began practicing, in 2008. Having trained as a Hypnotherapist in mid-life following a long and often stressful career in business, I use Hypnotherapy and CBT, and make additional use of Mindfulness, to help clients find effective ways to deal with a wide range of life-inhibiting challenges.


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