Logican is a software solutions based consulting firm, helping professional services firms in a range of sectors to improve productivity by automating repetitive tasks. In this full web content project, I aimed to achieve an accessible and straightforward tone, encouraging potential customers to see Logican as a valuable commercial partner, rather than as developer. Full site content for productivity consultancy Logican.

completed: 2015
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Claims? Debt? Law? Property? Direct Debits?
Increase productivity and boost profitability.

If your business involves managing financial claims, personal debt, legal caseload, direct debits or property portfolios, there is a more efficient way to work which will free up time, enhance efficiency and help increase profitability.

That way is to work in partnership with Logican.

We are specialists in the development and implementation of solutions that streamline the core business function of companies involved in legal, financial and associated commercial pursuits.

We offer purpose developed, extensively self-customisable products, engineered to drive efficiency and maximise productivity in five key professional and commercial activities:

  • Claims Management – LogiClaim. A powerful, highly-efficient and flexible solution designed for swift and effective management of large volumes of claims.
  • Debt Management – LogiDebt. An efficient, flexible tool for tracking and managing the repayment of personal debt for large volumes of clients.
    Legal Case Management – LogiLaw. A self customisable solution, enabling management of high case loads of any matter type, with easy bill generation and automation of key and repetitive tasks.
  • Direct Debit Management – LogiPay. A fast, powerful tool for front to back processing of volume debits on behalf of your clients and their customers.
  • Property Portfolio Management – LogoPro. A powerful, high-capability solution for managing unlimited client or personal portfolios of residential or commercial properties.

Your partner in efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Our products are only part of the story of how we help transform working efficiency.

Each solution is a collaboration between our sector-specialised business process analysts and our expert development team. Each boasts a comprehensive set of features and capabilities, along with sophisticated but simple to use customisation options so you can tailor it precisely to suit your own workflows and procedures.

In addition to this, our development team is available to every client to ensure that the core capabilities of the underlying software satisfy their business requirements entirely.

Just as each Logican customer is unique, so every applied Logican solution is different. What remains the same in every case, however, is our dependability and commitment as a partner.

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