I scoped this site for the launch of Edinburgh based Earsure Health’s Fairfield Hearing audiology practice, and wrote the full site content, returning a year or so later to update sitewide a little to reflect the practice’s expansion to city-centre premises. The tone throughout is friendly and encouraging, while not losing site of the need for a confidence-building clinical professionalism. Full site scope and content for audiologists Fairfield Hearing.

completed: 2022
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Our Values

We believe that a good, modern hearing healthcare practice should embody four intrinsic values.


The only way for a business to prove itself deserving of your trust is by the way it conducts itself in its dealings with you. We believe that being able to win trust is the most vital single quality for a healthcare business. We are also mindful of how easily trust may be destroyed.

Only you can decide whether you trust us. For our part, however, we’d like you to know that we believe that honesty and personal integrity are fundamental to our relationship with every client.

We don’t sell products we don’t believe in. We don’t fit hearing aids that are not best suited to your specific personal needs. We don’t compromise our standards for the sake of profit. We may not always tell you what you want to hear; but we will always tell you the truth.


It can be very convenient to buy a hearing aid from a large firm, and it may well cost a little less in monetary terms. Book in, get tested, take the device you are offered and you’re done. This is not our approach.

We believe that to select and fit a hearing aid responsibly, we need to understand your needs as an individual, your personality and your lifestyle. One size does not fit all and we will find a solution for you that is tailor-made for you.

Our intention is that Fairfield Hearing will be around for very many years to come, and so you will be able to build an enduring relationship with a professional audiologist who knows you, knows your hearing history, and can predict the changes and developments which might be suitable for you as the years progress.


You expect that a hearing health professional will be expert in their field. Expertise comes only partly from qualifications, however.

Expertise is also the result of working with thousands of clients over many years, and of long-term professional relationships with manufacturers and researchers in the industry.

Changes in our understanding of the ear and technological progress necessitate constant study and re-education. After 35 years in the business, we’ve learnt a great deal about keeping ears clear and healthy and about fitting hearing instruments; yet even now we are still learning.


We believe that each client should always be offered the most suitable solution available in the market-place, and that this should not be influenced by affiliation with a particular manufacturer.

Unlike many hearing health practitioners, Fairfield Hearing thus has no ties to manufacturers, leaving us free to recommend whatever we judge best for the hearing needs of each client.

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