This is a complete website specification and content writing project, on which I did the full scoping/information architecture of the site, and managed its build through my development partners. I’ve written the content with a purposeful but informal tone, consistent with that which I’ve developed for this client over the years we have worked together. Web content for private dental laboratory Biterite.

completed: 2014
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Biterite: we believe the best private dental laboratory in London

Biterite is a private dental laboratory with both its laboratory facility and administration based in North London.

We produce a wide range of high-quality dental restoration work for private dentists around the UK, with a natural geographical weighting of clients within the M25 ring.

Exceptional work with outstanding additional benefits 

In addition to producing work of the highest technical quality, we are renowned for our ‘can-do’ attitude to problem solving, and for the outstanding support we offer to our dentists.

We are early adopters of transforming dental technologies, making continued investment in advances enhancing our product, workflows and service delivery.

Notwithstanding the exceptional quality of the work we produce, Biterite remains committed to providing private dentists with exceptional value.

The company was established in 2007 by Michael Joseph, a qualified and practiced dental technician himself, who had also enjoyed a successful career in dental sales.

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