Long after the technology which this ad sells (a VHS camcorder) has been superseded, the strategy I employ in the copy holds good. The birth of a first child is still the driver for a huge number of camcorder sales, and this ads ‘get your act together’ tone, which sent people piling out to purchase back then would prove just as effective now. Full page national press advertisement for Panasonic.

Your children don’t stop growing up just because you’re dithering about which camcorder to buy.

How long is it now that you’ve been dithering about buying a camcorder? And for how much longer do you plan to carry on? Another few years, perhaps?

After all, it’s only your next three or four summer holidays and your child’s next three or four birthday parties (eight parties with two kids, twelve if you’ve got three) that you’re going to miss, isn’t it?

(And a few first smiles, first words, first footsteps, family Christmases and school plays and prize-givings, too, of course.

But considering that you could go out today and buy yourself the Panasonic NV-G2, what is it, exactly, that you are dithering about?

The new NV-G2 gives you outstanding picture quality, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

It has an 8x power zoom lens and full-range digital autofocus.It can shoot in low illumination and it has a detachable light which automatically comes on to keep you shooting even when it would otherwise be too dark.

“Long play’ gives you up to ninety minutes shooting per tape, and digital superimposing lets you add titles. On top of all that, the tapes play back on your VHS Recorder.

Don’t dither a second longer. your kids only grow up once. You mustn’t miss another second of it.

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