This web landing page letter sells a Front End product for internet marketer MM Marketing. Web landing page for MM Marketing.

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Make £225,000 THIS YEAR with hands on help from one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs.

One-to-one help making money online… from the British entrepreneur who’s made £6.3m since losing his job.

Who wouldn’t grab that?

Dear Friend,
The point of internet marketing is that it’s supposed to give you an easy way to make money!

That’s the reason people love their online businesses and the money they make from them,

So why do so many people who offer to help you make money online make it look so hard?
Why do so many of the sites and DVDs that offer to help you succeed as an internet marketer leave you feeling it all looks so difficult?

Why do the people who are supposed to be helping you talk about the methods and techniques you’ll need to use as though you already understand pretty much what these are?

It’s as though they’re talking to people like themselves, instead of talking to you.

If you already understood… why would you be watching their DVDs in the first place?

Meet Simon Coulson. From no job to no worries in under five years.

It’s not so long since Simon Coulson was a Customer Services manager at BT in South London, earning about £20,000 a year.
He’d worked there for 14 years.

As Simon would be the first to admit, he was going nowhere.

And then BT made Simon redundant.

A mortgage and no job: the point at which most people panic.

But not Simon.

Simon signed up for a couple of workshops on internet marketing.

Then, using what he discovered as a start point, he set out on his new career.

In less than 5 years, Simon had banked over £3.5 million pounds from online businesses.

Today, Simon has about A HUNDRED AND FIFTY websites, has built up over 200,000 loyal customers, and has earned himself over £6 MILLION POUNDS!


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