The recession brought with it its own mix of problem and opportunities. In this front-end internet marketing landing page, I’ve used this to focus the reader into the pitch of the offer. Landing page letter for AMHL.

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Over A Million Pounds in 36 Hours? Discover How …From The Man Who Actually Made It.

Copy This And YOU Will Have The Millionaire Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

Dear Success Seeker,

There’s never been a time when the future seemed as uncertain as it does right now.

Everything you’d always believed could help you make a successful and comfortable life has fallen apart at the same time!

Bank interest? Owning shares? Owning property? They’ve all come crashing down.

The same goes for borrowing money to build a business.

Suddenly it’s almost impossible to get the money you need to build for the future… or even to pay for everyday life.

As for work… that’s never been so unstable either.

Every time you turn on the radio or TV more firms are laying off staff.

It’s frightening. But isn’t it exciting, too?

Of course it’s frightening. It’s like being in an earthquake. When even the ground you stand on is moving, you don’t have any idea of what will be the safest thing to grab on to.
But it’s exciting, as well!

When it’s like this, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ things to do.

There’s nothing to lose…and there’s every chance that if you’re brave enough to try new ventures they will pay big rewards.

The only thing that’s certain is that if you
do nothing, you’ll get nowhere.

If you don’t make plans and try out new opportunities, you’ll stay right where you are while the mess gets worse.

But if you’re ready to seize an opportunity that could transform your life and your income for ever, the mess that everyone else is suffering around you right now could be the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you.

Why what’s happening in the world is great news for YOU.

In the past, having a comfortable lifestyle always depended on having money.

You had to have a ‘big’ job or build a successful business of your own.

But jobs with huge salaries have always required top qualifications and experience, and building a business needs money to begin with, plus a good deal of time to make a success of it.

These 2 routes, and those 2 problems, were ALWAYS&#8200true until now.

But they’re not true any more.

We’re fortunate to be living at the best time ever for ordinary people to make themselves wealthy and build the kind of monthly incomes that go on and on supporting them, year after year, while their quality of life just gets better and better.

Everything that used to be true about making serious money has changed.

And, of course, it’s the internet that changed it.

Starting a business used to mean having the money to buy stock, rent offices or warehouses and employ staff.

But now you can set up and run the kind of business that sets you free for ever without having to have piles of qualifications or huge amounts of money.


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