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completed: 2005
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This site is here to give you the information and help you need to set up a Child Trust Fund for your child, or for another child in whose future you have an interest. is actually run by Homeowners Friendly Society, and Homeowners is one of the companies chosen by the Government to run Child Trust Fund accounts.

Homeowners is one of the UK’s best respected friendly societies. We’re owned by our members, the people who invest with us, so there are no shareholders to take a slice of our profits.

The aim of Homeowners has always been to help ordinary families help themselves, and to help parents provide their children with the best possible start in life.

For almost 25 years we’ve done this by offering our 230,000 members, throughout the UK, value for money ways to save and insure.

Now, however, we’re taking this a step further.

Through, we want to help you, and others who care passionately about their child’s future, to open a Child Trust Fund account and make sure that his or her savings get off to a really great start.


The Child Trust Fund is a simple and valuable new way to help your child, or to help any other child in whose future you have an interest.
Developed by the Government, Child Trust Funds aim to make certain that every child has a savings account with a useful some of money in it by the time she or he reaches the age of 18.

At 18, the child will be free to use their money as they wish. Some children may use it to travel. Others might choose to study, buy a car, or put it towards a flat. Some may even decide to reinvest their money, and grow a larger sum for use in later life.

To start each child’s account off on the right footing, the Government will put either £250 or £500 into the account just as soon as it’s open. It may sound too good to be true, but it really is ‘free’ money for your child. (The sum your child gets will depend on your financial circumstances. Children in less well off families will qualify for the larger sum.) On your child’s seventh birthday, the Government will increase your child’s account with a further ‘gift’ payment. The amount of this is yet to be decided.

You’ll be able to open a Child Trust Fund from April 2005, but all children born in the UK on or after 1 September 2002 are eligible. You may pre-apply from January of 2004, and we’ll remind you when it’s time to do that if you pre-register to receive information.

Once the account is open parents, grandparents and other friends or relatives can add in up to a total of £1200 each year, tax-free, to help the account grow.

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