Although my client somewhat reinvented the visual side of the script, this web video for the launch of the connect.ID digital marketing management platform retains the simple, repetitive ‘listing’ device I used in the voiceover, leading to eventual confirmation that the platform in question delivers on all of the user’s needs. Simple, clean writing to pitch a smart, business enabling solution. Web video for connect.ID digital campaign management platform.

completed: 2019
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You need to be able to build properly featured sites and landing pages,

and bring them live… fast.

You need to be able to do it affordably.

You need Enterprise grade security.

And for your sites to integrate effortlessly with.. well… everything!

You need to be able to manage the content… and then spread it around.

You need to be able to rank your pages.

And you need to be able to see… understand… and act on what’s happening.

You need…

Connect.ID… Investis Digital’s cloud hosted ‘total solution’ for building and managing Enterprise grade web properties…

and achieving Enterprise grade results.

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