See You At The Top Europe Ltd brought 4 leading ‘wealth transformation’ speakers over from the US for ‘Own Your Life Weekend’, a ground-breaking UK seminar. In writing the content for the event site, I echoed the evangelical ‘self help’ tone with which these events re promoted in the US, while removing some of the overtly ‘Get Rich NOW’ message tone inappropriate for the UK audience. Event website for Own Your Life Weekend.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

The 4 Greatest Wealth Transformation Speakers in the World.

LIVE in the UK for the Most Important Weekend of Your Life.

You don’t get rich working all your life to make money for other people.

You get rich by learning the strategies, systems and principles taught by millionaire mentors on how to make money work for you.

Dolf de Roos, Omar Periu, Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl, the world’s 4 leading Life/Wealth Transformation coaches, share a 2-day platform for the first time EVER outside of the US at ‘Own Your Life Weekend’ at the MEN Arena, Manchester, June 2-June 3 2007.

Between them Dolf de Roos, Omar Periu, Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl have changed the lives of live audiences of 3 million plus 22 milion book buyers.

At Own Your Life Weekend, M.E.N. Arena, they’ll set YOU on the road to success, freedom… and REAL wealth.


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