How do you make an overture about the possibility of a business relationship to people who are, by definition, so scarce and well established that almost any conventional recruitment channel will pitch the opportunity beneath their view of their own standing? I love challenges like this. I wrote this 3-part campaign (a press ad in exclusive publications, plus a 2-part web landing page ) for specialist Patent IP investment house GPACC. The press ad says nothing at all about the opportunity. It simply declares the type of person being looked for in terms that such a person will recognise. The first part of the web landing page sequence explains clearly what kind of proposition we have to make. You don’t need to share your identity to find this out. But if you’re interested and want full details of the opportunity, the second part of the landing page sequence provides them. Elite Ambassador recruitment campaign for Patent IP investment house GPACC.

completed: 2021
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Thank you for following through from our advertisement.

We are an established and well-capitalised corporation seeking a capable and influential individual able to assist with introductions to members of their personal or professional networks. Absolute discretion assured.
To view further details of this opportunity, please provide your contact details.

(These will be treated in the strictest confidence and used for no purpose other than to contact you in connection with this opportunity.

A lucrative opportunity to assist us with introductions.

 GPACC is a globally active entity engaged in the monetization of Intellectual Property and generating revenues by applying a range of monetization strategies to U.S. IP assets over which we hold security interests.

The opportunity exists for a discreet and well-connected individual, moving in circles of wealth and influence, to work with us over the longer term, making introductions for us to potential HNW investors.

No selling is required beyond the establishment of some initial interest and forging of an introduction. Reward is by agreement, but has the potential to provide suitable individuals a highly lucrative return on their connections and abilities.

The value potential of Intellectual Property

The monetization strategies we employ typically involve patent litigation and licensing programs, as well as IP portfolio growth and maintenance within the U.S.

We hold links with a global network of partners, dispersed across 16 countries. This network enables the identification of exceptional IP-asset-backed lending opportunities and also ensures high levels of investor interest.


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