I worked closely with key member’s of Plan-Net’s management team to develop a nested suite of Value Statements with which this client, a long established provider of IT services to major London professional services firms, could refocus its offer, and clarify to both its internal and external audiences its points of difference in a highly competitive market. Development of Value Statements and messaging hierarchy for IT services provider Plan-Net.

completed: 2019
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.


We are in the business of  ‘All Under Control’ and ‘We’re On it.’

We work with our clients in a carefully structured and ongoing partnership to ensure that:

the IT that enables, supports or underpins their business is fit for purpose, working and efficiently maintained at all times; 

their users are promptly, effectively and comprehensively supported in being able to carry out their roles with effective use of (and no concern about) the performance of the technology they need or wish to use;

their management team has total confidence in our competence and dependability; clear and transparent reporting at all levels enabling it to monitor and verify the quality of our service; and access to a qualified, experienced and flexible partner to which to bring IT challenges (technical, service or resource related) for an intelligent, assured and rapid solution.

The value that we add through the services we offer is that of assured continuous business enablement. 

With Plan-Net on their team, our clients can be certain that their valuable  talent can get on with pursuing their organisation’s business, hour after hour, day after day, without giving a thought to the reliability or capability of the technology at their fingertips. 

It will work. If it does not, we will be there to fix it. 

If more or different technology or people are required to support their need, temporarily or permanently, we will take care of it

If it’s their IT, it is all under control and we are totally ‘on it.’



Plan-Net is in the business of assured continuous business enablement.

Without ever needing to give a second thought to any aspect of how it happens, our clients and their valuable talent can count on:

their IT doing whatever they need it to, whenever they ask it; 

our being there in real time to fix it when it’s broken and to help them if they are having difficulty with it;

our being communicative and clear about everything, all of the time; 

our being ready to consider and provide quality solutions to any challenge, technical, service or talent based, which they might put to us;

our providing clear and transparent reporting, so that they can monitor our performance. 

If it’s their IT, it is all under control and we are totally ‘on it.’



Without ever needing to give a second thought to how it happens, our clients and their employees can count on every aspect of their IT, from the smallest fix to the most complex technical, service or resource challenge, being taken care off for them swiftly, effectively, professionally and accountably.



Our value proposition translates into a single line expression of our benefit to our clients:

Plan-Net. Assured Continuous Business Enablement


But more often than not we push it a step further, to deduce its ultimate benefit to our clients:

Plan-Net. Business Advantage IT

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