With a series of meetings and an iterative creative development, I evolved this set of 8 ‘pillars’, translating our newly developed Value Statement into its active meanings within the various areas of the business. A complex strategic challenge, with a very rewarding outcome. Strategic messaging development for IT services provider Plan-Net.

completed: 2019
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Structured & Managed for Value

We devise a tailored service package for each client. Designed around one of our proven engagement models, this provides the highest standard of service at a competitive cost, and so delivers outstanding commercial value and greater cost efficiency than the business would achieve in managing its own IT to a comparable level.

Professional and Secure

Our services are provided in line with the highest standards of IT professional best practice, quality and security. We comply with universal industry codes and hold full Standards certification in each key area of our activity. We afford our client’s data maximum protection at all times, with robust security designed into every aspect of our procedures.

Addressing Specific Business Needs

The service we provide to each client is bespoke to the nature of its business and the requirements of its users. No two clients have the same profile and our delivery will reflect their industry sector, the size and nature of their organisation, how and for what their IT is used, and the work patterns of their users, amongst other factors.

High Resolution Rates

We aim for the highest possible rate of issue resolution at the first point of contact. This is achieved by recruiting and training premium talent and ensuring it is skilled specifically for the requirements key to each client’s business; applying Best Practice processes and best in class Knowledge Management; and ensuring optimal deployment of technology).

Complete User Satisfaction

Ensuring a great user experience is extremely important to us. With each request for support, our goal is to leave the user feeing that we understood their problem; responded promptly, helpfully and positively; communicated clearly; and that we maintained our commitment until the issue had been resolved to their satisfaction.

Total Transparency

We exercise absolute transparency in our dealings with our clients, evidenced by the clarity and openness of our communication with both users and Management. We demonstrate explicit accountability through detailed Management Reporting which provides metric evidence of our performance and trends.

High Response Rates

We supply each client with ample and flexible support capacity, capable of meeting the demands from both its users and the business itself, and including 24/7 support availability. We respond to all support requests promptly, keeping users continuously updated on the resolution of issues. We escalate issues affecting or threatening productivity promptly to Management.

Technical Intelligence

While a large part of our service is by definition responsive, providing support for user and system issues, we are also ‘technically intelligent’, monitoring, assessing and improving the stability, availability, configuration and performance of our clients’ systems in order to ensure the optimal operation of their IT environment.

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