GDPUK is a forum and portal providing UK dental practitioners with daily discussion and coverage on a wide range of interests of concern to the profession. When GDPUK began offering added value member deals arranged with preferred suppliers, I wrote a number of deal outlines, like this one here for insurance services, in a commercial tone capable of pitching the offer to members without compromising the unique nature of the relationship between members and GDPUK. Promotional deal outlines for dental professiona portal GDPUK.

completed: 2015
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Save money and receive better service with our bespoke, brokered insurance for dentists.

Insurance has become increasingly commoditised in recent years, with practise owners trading off the quality of cover and benefits of experienced and helpful brokers in order to reduce the cost of premiums.

We believe that this is an unnecessary trade off, and have reached an advantageous arrangement with reputable insurance brokers who have extensive experience in arranging both professional and personal cover for dentists.

Through our partner brokers, you will receive all the claims handling and underwriting flexibility available from a good broker, along with highly competitive quotes.

What cover can you arrange?

Our brokers will be pleased to discuss your precise requirements with you, and then to prepare personal quotes providing you with the most suitable cover at the best available prices.
Should you need to extend or adjust your cover, or need to claim against your insurance at any time, you’ll be assured of their attentive and knowledgeable assistance.

Insurance can be arranged in the following principal areas:

Practise and Surgery Insurance

Specifically designed for the dental profession, this provides wide-ranging buildings and/or contents protection for your surgery and equipment.

Overheads and Locum Cover

This cover provides financial support should partners, associates or other key member of your practice be absent due to illness, accident or some other indisposition. The cover can also be arranged to meet the costs of hiring a locum and/or paying overtime to other staff members to cover for the absentee.

Household Insurance

This is buildings and contents insurance. It may be arranged for your main or additional home, regardless of whether the property includes treatment facilities.

Pressure Vessel Inspection

Not technically an insurance cover, but the arrangement of annual inspection of autoclaves and air receivers by suitably qualified engineers to ensure your compliance with CQC and legal obligations under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations Act.

How to find out more about competitive, high quality insurance.

Fill out the form below. We’ll then forward your details to our broking partner, who will contact you to discuss your requirements.
They will then prepare Quotes for you and progress your application directly.

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