I have a number of clients in fast moving technology spaces for whom I write ad-hoc press releases to break news of new deals, partnerings and advances. Trinsic CEO Darren Webb is one of these, and his company’s pioneering dealings in IoT connectivity allow for focused releases with tangible stories front and centre, such as the announcement of the collaboration of its Trinsic Connected Car arm with Vodafone to deliver a bespoke IoT solution to Volvo Car UK and Polestar in the UK. Press release for IoT Connectivity specialist Trinsic Connected Car.

completed: 2021
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IoT Auto-Connectivity Innovator Trinsic Connected Car Launches Volvo/Polestar Programme with Vodafone.

Trinsic Connected Car®, the automotive solution arm of IoT connection innovator Trinsic, is to provide Volvo Car UK and Polestar in the UK with a bespoke solution built around the Vodafone Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution.

The programme, co-developed by Trinsic Connected Car and Vodafone Automotive, provides a complete solution for stolen vehicle tracking and recovery to customers of Volvo Car UK and Polestar.

Comprising an initial three year exclusive contract, Thatcham Cat 5 certification, bespoke wiring integration, installation, training and technical support, sales and marketing and training support, warranty compliance and bespoke three year prepaid end-user subscription, the package delivers piece of mind and tangible insurance benefits to the Volvo and Polestar buyers.

“Trinsic is about co-creating innovative connectivity solutions, with our customers, using the reach and capability of our partner Vodafone”, said Trinsic CEO, Darren Webb. “We aim to sit at the centre of customer’s commercial needs and Vodafone’s unbeatable technical capability.”

Bespoke automotive IoT solutions innovation.

Vodafone’s IoT Partner of the Year, Trinsic launched its Trinsic Connected Car operation in 2019 to focus specifically on the requirements of OEM car manufacturers in bringing new solutions to market.
Georgina Williams, Head of Marketing at Volvo Car UK said, “Volvo works relentlessly to bring to market innovations that enhance both driving and ownership experiences for our customers. Trinsic Connected Car have understood our marketing and manufacturing needs and spared no effort to configure and deliver a technical solution and surrounding package which we are excited and proud to take to our customers.”

Trinsic partners with Vodafone across multiple sectors.

In parallel with the development of its Trinsic Connected Car offer, Trinsic is working across an array of other sectors, including Healthcare, Insuretech, Supply Chain and Digital Buildings.

“We are proud to collaborate on this with our IoT Partner of the Year, Trinsic”, said Svetlana Grant, Head of IoT Strategic Technology Partnerships at Vodafone. “Trinsic are disruptive innovators. They share Vodafone’s ambition to work with brands in each sector intent on realising the unlimited possibilities of IoT to improve customer experience or increase operating efficiency.”

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