I wrote a number of customer case studies for digital marketing agency Investis Digital to support the launch of their innovative digital marketing campaign management platform connect.ID. As always with case studies, voice is summarial and journalistic, with an undercurrent of selling implicit throughout. Customer case study for multi-channel campaign management platform connect.ID.

completed: 2019
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Investis Digital OCADO

Rapid upgrade of vital recruitment resource for cutting edge consumer-logistics firm.

A powerful new recruitment platform for Ocado.

Ocado is a leading operator in the field of click-to-doorstep grocery logistics. Recruiting roles from pickers and packers, through delivery drivers, to advanced software engineers, the company needs a strong presence in ever more competitive recruitment markets.

Losing out daily in this vital battleground because of the existence of multiple, uncoordinated recruitment sites (as well as ‘rogue’ boards across a variety of company web assets), Ocado commissioned us to build a unified, strongly branded recruitment site capable of giving a single focus to its recruitment activity, and capable of being deployed within a short time period.


The Challenge

Unify requirements and enfranchise all stakeholders

Briefed immediately prior to Christmas 2018, our challenge was to unite two applicant tracking systems (ATS), then powering independent Ocado recruitment sites, as well as a number of ‘rogue’ recruitment channels appearing on other company sites.

The new site was to be capable of meeting the varied recruitment needs of all parts of the Ocado business. These ranged from the simpler, job-board technical needs of managers filling warehouse and driving vacancies, to meeting the more sophisticated recruitment expectations of individuals interested in Technical & Engineering and Business & Management roles.

With the holiday period an immediate obstacle, our challenge was to specify, design and bring the new site online rapidly, so as to enable Ocado to strengthen its hand in the commercially vital battle for quality hires.


The Solution

Custom. Flexible. Secure. A new site in under 3 months.

With hundreds of job posts open at any time, Ocado needed rapid deployment of its new solution, with seamless continuity from its legacy recruitment channels for both the business and valuable applicants.

Making maximum use of the capabilities, flexible volumes and Enterprise scalability of our Connect.ID Platform development and hosting environment, we proposed a custom designed, fully secure, Cloud-hosted recruitment site which could integrate with both the existing in-house custom built ATS and third-party Greenhouse ATS.

The new site would take advantage of our Fully-Managed service, assuring Ocado of 24/7/365 support availability.

Working with Ocado’s Head of Brand, we designed a new recruitment site logo and shot a bespoke library of imagery depicting a wide range of day to day functions within the Ocado operation. We customised core Connect.ID modules and created additional modules as required.

Navigation was needed which could respond to the varying information needs of applicants for the diverse range of roles on offer, and so we built a bespoke filter and search bar enabling visitors to find their way quickly and easily to those of the site relevant to their search.

We deployed the new, unified recruitment site for Ocado just 3 months after being briefed, notwithstanding the occurrence of the Christmas holiday period and a short delay requested by Ocado themselves. The new site not only supports the full operational needs of modern Enterprise recruitment, but also imparts an informative and inspiring sense of the brand, the company and the wide ranging opportunities and benefits available to employees choosing Ocado over other possible employers.


The Outcome

Improved stickiness and enhanced interest in applying.

Following launch, the site served an impressive 289,604 page views in its first two months. Critically, 23.82% of homepage traffic went on to view Search and Apply, now the most heavily visited page on the site with some 68,104 page views during this period.

Again during this time, traffic on the Working Here page increased by 53.89%, showing that the site’s presentation of Ocado’s culture and full business offering had proved successful at drawing prospects in, while the site’s average session duration increased to over 3 minutes, an impressive indicator of engagement for any corporate recruitment site.

As final early confirmation of the effectiveness of our Connect.ID solution for Ocado, the site’s bounce rate had decreased by 9% compared to either of the legacy sites.


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