In this task for istate systems, a specialist developer of enterprise apps for the financial services industry, the requirement was to translate information culled from a short live product demo and meeting into launch content for a website able to support istate’s CEO when discussing his application with new leads. The tone is informative and accessible, but reflects the B2B nature of the target reader. Web content for istate systems.

completed: 2011
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Applying for your products. Managing their accounts.

Apprivo. The smartphone platform that transforms how your customers do both.

Apprivo. The platform and smartphone application that reinvents the product application process for banks, building societies, mortgage providers and other finance lenders.

With its friendly and accessible interface, Apprivo gives your customers a complete and continuously up-to-date status check on applications they’ve made for your products. It reminds them when they need to do things to keep the ball moving, uses their smartphone’s capabilities to let them complete those tasks fast, and let’s you intelligently cross sell to them at just the right moment.

And because Apprivo also lets your customers check and carry out simple actions on their existing accounts with you, for them Apprivo means an improved, smartphone-era customer relationship as well as quicker, easier to manage access to your products.

For you it ties together branch, call-centre, web, intermediaries and customers and delivers huge reductions in the costs of processing applications, improved rates of completion, and the best ever opportunity to cross sell in a live environment.


Financial services tech expertise

The istate systems team behind Apprivo has a twenty year track-record in the development of enterprise level, customer-facing financial services technologies.

Partnering with us

If your company provides technology consulting or solutions to a bank, building society, mortgage provider or other lender, we can integrate Apprivo as part of your solution. READ&#8200MORE

Read about Apprivo technology

See how Apprivo’s innovative architecture makes the most of your existing systems to deliver live status data on all your customers’ product applications.

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