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Including Personal Possessions car contents insurance in Your Cover

Your Cover’s Car Personal Possessions cover adds effective and affordable car contents insurance to your policy. The cover provides security against loss, damage or theft of personal belongings left in your car, or in a roofbox or trailer attached to your car.

The cover pays out up to £1,000, even for a single item. This makes it useful cover for the array of personal valuables commonly carried in the car, and is particularly valuable in providing cover for costly electronic devices such as removable satnavs, CD and DVD-players, providing you leave these in your locked boot.

What’s included, and what’s not

Your Cover’s Personal Possessions cover pays for loss or damage to items left in your car, roofbox or trailer, caused by theft or attempted theft, fire, collision damage or similar occurrences. It pays up to £1,000 per claim, and will pay this full sum for a single item.

If you include this element in Your Cover we will cover:

• all kinds of personal possessions, with the exceptions of cash, credit and debit cards, cheques or financial securities documents like bonds or share certificates, watches and other jewellery, and mobile phones

• removable satnavs, removable CD players, removable DVD players, cameras, iPods and associated equipment, providing you’ve locked them out of site in the boot of the vehicle if the vehicle is unoccupied

• possessions left in open trailers, providing you’d made proper efforts to secure them

This insurance does not cover:

• goods, samples or other items connected with your work or business. (If you work for yourself from home, you may cover these by adding the Home Worker build to Your Cover Home cover.)

• claims for items with total value of less than £250

• any part of a claim which brings the value of the claim to more than 10% of the value of the vehicle, even if the claim itself remains under £1,000. For example, if £1,000 of possessions were to be stolen from a vehicle with a value of £5,000, the pay out would be limited to £500 maximum.

Is it for you?

This cover could prove of value to almost any driver, protecting as it does a wide array of personal possessions and clothing (expensive walking boots, perhaps, or a leather jacket) that you may on occasion leave in your car.

If you use non-fitted satnav, audio or DVD equipment in your car, or often take your laptop out with you, then you might consider this cover particularly useful.

Including both this Personal Possessions insurance and our Trailer and Roofbox insurance in Your Cover would mean that your vehicle, roofbox and trailer, and your possessions inside them, are covered when you go off traveling.

If you regularly leave shopping with a value of under £250 in your vehicle and would like to cover this, you might like to look at the Freezer and Shopping component of Your Cover Home insurance.

Please note that, should you need to claim under this cover, your no-claims discount will be affected.

Protecting your personal possessions when you go out

Your Cover Personal Possessions insurance provides the reassurance of knowing that you would be compensated for loss of, or for damage to, clothing and other personal items, plus removable equipment items in the event of, amongst other things, a break-in to your car.

The inconvenience and distress caused by dealing with break-ins and other incidents of this kind is significant however, and getting into the habit of taking a few simple precautions can help avoid them:

• always leave your vehicle in secure and well lit locations. It’s worth paying to be in a manned car-park if you know you are leaving valuable items in the car

• never leave removable electronics where they are visible. Lock them out of site in the boot

• whenever practical, remove valuables and possessions from your car completely when you get out

• check that all windows are closed when leaving the car, especially if your car does not automatically raise windows when you switch off the ignition, or if you have been carrying passengers, particularly children

• check that tailgate windows are fully raised, and that all doors are properly locked

• have malfunctioning window or door locks repaired immediately by your dealership or garage

• lock your roofbox, and do not overfill it so that it cannot close properly

• secure your trailer’s contents using good quality covers, straps, ropes and padlocks, in good state of repair.

Obtain a quote for a Your Cover policy including Personal Possessions cover

Build your own Your Cover policy including Car cover with Personal Possessions insurance, and obtain an instant quote, at our Quote and Buy website.

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