Meade Investments operate a wide ranging project portfolio, and have hired me to write for them on a number of projects. Defining their fictional E-newsletter author ‘Clinton Parks’, developing his back story, and establishing the tone of voice with which he would speak in his weekly newsletters was a charming and engaging project, calling for a screenwriter’s character development skills, along with a keen eye on the commercial objectives of the project. The piece below is Clint’s introduction of himself and his newsletter, in his ‘own words’, as it appears on the website. Project development for ‘Clinton Parks’.

completed: 2007
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If you’ve happened onto my site as you’ve been surfing around, or you’ve maybe wandered over because you received an email from me, perhaps you’d be interested to hear a little about me, and about my Email Newsletter?

First off, what’s it all about?

I send out my Email Newsletter every week, and in it I bring together exciting information and ideas to help you get the most you can out of life.

The things I pass on come from some of the very best ‘specialist’ email newsletters out there.

These aren’t written by me.

No sir! They’re written by some pretty smart people, and I look for those that really do show you how to get more out of living!

I’ve found around a dozen newsletters I think got it just right. I sum up their outlook as:

‘Life is for living! Don’t you want to hear some great ideas for living it?’

I figure that however much money you have coming in, it’ll never quite be as much as you need! So the best thing to do is just get used to that, get on with life, and get the most you can from it!

Clint’s ‘Big 3’.

The newsletters I gather ideas from are all written by people with real passion for the side of life they write about. And each week, when I round up the best items from the whole bunch of them and put them into my own Newsletter, I make sure the mix gives you what I call my ‘Big 3’.

Time. Knowledge. And Money.

None of us has the time to spend all day surfing the internet to find great ideas. And all of us could use the extra time that neat ideas can give us.

Same way, I always believed that the more you know the more you get on. I try to make sure you get to hear about ideas I figure you’ll want to know about…if only you knew about them!

As for money. Like I said earlier…we all spend way too much time worrying about it! If you ask me, the trick is just to get right on with things, but make sure that when you can you make choices that can save you a few bucks…or maybe even make you a few bucks.

Anyhow, whatever the reason, I’m pleased to tell you that by now the newsletter has gotten itself quite a following right across North America!

Why don’t you just sign up yourself, and see what it’s all about?

Me? What’s my story?

Oh. OK. Well… I live right outside of Detroit, here in the US State of Michigan, along with my wife Julia and our son DJ, who’s 20. We have 2 daughters. Megan lives down in Cleveland with her husband Scott. She’s expecting our first grandchild in the Fall. And Alison teaches high school in Chicago. She’s the academic one of my kids.

I was born and raised right here in Detroit. Up until I decided to set myself up full time compiling and mailing out my Email Newsletter, I headed up Human Resources for a telco based out in Chicago. (Never moved out there myself! Did my job just fine from right here in Detroit.) I was with the company 16 years, all done, so I figure I was due a change.

I’m a child of the Fifties, I guess. Born in ’55 like Rock n Roll. My Dad worked on building trucks here in Detroit, and was doing just fine right up until he got laid off at the start of the 70’s. Like a lot of men here in town. After that, things were kinda tough for him and Mom. Guess they managed, borrowing a little here and there, and pushing their credit some, but that’s where I first started to see how important it is to be able to set aside worrying too much about money and just get on with making the most of life.

Julia and I met in college and were married soon after. 1979. Our story was similar to so many folks, I guess. However much we earned it just always felt like we needed a few bucks more each week. And while the kids were small there was a few years we were running credit ourselves just about everywhere in town! Using loans to help get us from one payday to the next never sat too well with me, though. I’m a guy who prefers to figure out how to be happy on what he’s got… even if that isn’t quite enough!

Anyway…I started out writing emails with ideas for having a good time and finding ways to do the things you really want to do, for my daughter Megan right after she left home.

It just kind of snowballed from there, and I guess my Email Newsletter now is not so different from those early emails to Megan! I don’t give out fatherly advice, of course. But other than that it’s still a mix of interesting ideas and great opportunities pulled together from some of the things I’ve seen that week.

They won’t all interest you. But I’m willing to bet there won’t be a week go by when one or other of them won’t catch your eye.

Course, if you find one of the other email newsletters I gather items from looks like it ties up with your own interests, then go right ahead and sign up for it directly! I always give links to do that, and I know that whichever writer that newsletter comes from will be real happy if you do.

Why not take a look yourself?

Remember, what I said earlier? Life is for living?

I have a lot of fun putting out my Email Newsletter each week. And I get a big kick when I see from my inbox that folks are finding the ideas and opportunities I flag up help them to get more out of life.

I’d be real pleased if you were to decide to sign up and try it out yourself.

And I hope, over time, we become friends.


Clinton Parks

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