This brand positioning and key messaging document is my contribution to a substantial branding and web development project completed by branding and web dev agency The Escape. The ‘Confidence in Water’ concept was handed to me already agreed between agency and client, and my task was to extrapolate from this a positioning statement/rationale and key messages expressed at a number of lengths. Brand positioning document for water network technologists Inflowmatix.

completed: 2020
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Confidence in water


A clean, efficient and dependable water supply, which silently earns the trust of consumers, and stakeholders within both the wider economy and regulatory and governmental bodies, is obligatory for our economy and our society.
Efficient and well managed water networks capable of delivering this are thus an obligatory standard for water utilities to achieve and maintain.
Operating such networks calls for a wide range of competencies and partners to work in accord .
Monitoring, analysing and understanding of performance data from the water network is one such competency.
Inflowmatix enables utilities to understand, optimise and control the performance of their networks, through use of its hardware; software; and data and insight reporting.
We are one component of the solution; one stakeholder in an industry that must have as its goal the achievement of universal confidence in its product – Confidence in water.

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