This brand positioning and key messaging document is my contribution to a substantial branding and web development project completed by branding and web dev agency The Escape. The ‘Metrology for Good’ concept was handed to me already agreed between agency and client, and my task was to extrapolate from this a positioning statement/rationale and key messages expressed at a number of lengths. Brand positioning document for metrology specialists Redlux.

completed: 2020
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Metrology for Good


We are Metrologists.

We make it possible for our customers to measure ever more critical tolerances and imperfections in the machines and systems they build and operate.

The more we are ‘good’ at what we do, the more they are able to improve healthcare, make transportation and other critical systems safer, and increase efficiencies for industry and manufacturing.

Through each of these improvements, the world becomes safer, cleaner, sustainable; in some way better.

This means that our being good at what we do has resulted in ‘Good’ being done in a larger sense.




Being good’ and ‘doing Good’.

The difference

At RedLux, being good is central to our culture. From our commitment to R&D to our continuous improvement of customer service, we make every effort to raise our bar each day and in every area of our business.

Being good – really good – the best it’s possible to be – is the obligation our leaders place on themselves, and the expectation placed on everyone who works here. Doing Good is a different thing entirely.

Being good is a measure of our day to day commitment to excellence and innovation. It represents what we do when we look down at our work.

Doing Good is where our ambitions shift to when we look up; when we pause for a moment to think about where and how and to what extent our work can make a difference in the world.



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