I rarely agree to ‘part write’ internet marketing sales letters, as I find that the flow from top to bottom must be continuous in order to achieve the desired effect. In this case, however, Headstrong’s owner had already written his own front-end material, but was struggling to make the back-end letter hang together. I thus agreed to write the first half of this long letter, leaving him to pick up the thread at the point where the details of his offer were introduced. We were both pleased with how well the transition worked. Back-end salesletter for Headstrong Marketing.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

Only YOU Can Decide The Right Way FOR YOU To Secure Financial Freedom.

Avoid The Mistake That Prevents Internet Success And You Can Make Over £6.6 Million in 3 Years.

Dear Financial Freedom Seeker,

When you decided to take control of your future and build an internet business that will generate a huge regular income for you, I’m sure you knew there would be things to learn.
You’ll have understood that you’d have to get your head round some things you’d never even thought about before.

But when you think about the kind of independent income and lifestyle you know you’ll enjoy in the future, it seems worth the effort.

There’s No Doubt You Can Do It. After All, It’s Proven Every Day.

You probably know quite a lot about the BIG cash-generating business ideas that work for entrepreneurs like you day after day.

Information product websites that actually make their owners £3,000 to UPWARDS of £15,000 a month with only a few hours housekeeping each week.

Then there are affiliate marketing models that lead to the screen shots you see of bank statements showing £500, £700 … sometimes as much as 2 THOUSAND POUNDS arriving each day.

And there are niche e-Bay strategies that make stay-at-home millionaires out of people who are so ordinary their success HELPS YOU SEE that anyone at all can copy it.

Why This Letter Is So Important For You To Read Now.

Because you recently ordered the ‘Hassle Free System to Recession Proof Your Life’ from us, I have marked you out as a promising entrepreneur who is very likely to achieve multi-millionaire status during the next 3 years.

That’s why I wrote to you again a few days ago and why it’s SO IMPORTANT that you see for yourself what I have to show you now.

I have discovered a COMMON MISTAKE being made by hundreds of thousands of internet marketers. I’d like to do everything I can to help you avoid making the same error.

It would be a pity to go wrong because no one bothered to warn you about a trap.


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