This web landing page back end letter for Oshebiz markets a ‘resell product stream’ deal, placing Oshebiz in the position of a wholesale supplier to other internet marketers. Web landing page letter for Oshebiz Limited.

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Who Wants To Get In On This Members Only Opportunity To Bank £36,000 A Month?

Dear Friend,

How would you like to get into the select group of people who genuinely make super-large monthly incomes from selling information products online?

Of course you would!

But getting there can be frustrating, can’t it?

Even with all the money being spent online every month by people buying DVDs, CDs and e-books, you’re almost certain to have found there’s one thing stopping you staking your share of the millions.

Want to know what’s stopping you from
landing your share of the Internet’s £millions every month?

Whatever else you might have read, one thing above all others makes or breaks your internet success.

The products you’re trying to sell.

You CANNOT build a successful online business unless you have really good products to offer.

Take it from me.

It’s just like opening a shop.

If you fill your shop with products that don’t interest the people who come in, no-one will buy anything.

But if you get hold of exciting things that everyone who comes into your shop wants to buy, you won’t be able to take money fast enough!

But how do you FIND exciting, high-profit
products to sell?

Don’t even think about trying to build a high-income business until you know you’ve got your hands on the very best possible products you can find.

You need top-quality, enticing products that appeal to the widest possible audience.

It’s tough to make big profits from poor products, or from products that thousands of other people are selling.

If you think about it, even internet marketing information products, that lots of marketers make good sales on, are restricted in their audience.

They only really appeal to people who are interested in the subject of internet marketing!

But why chase a small audience… when you could sell products that appeal to everyone on Earth?

Internet marketing DVDs only sell to people like you and me, because we’re interested in finding out more about internet marketing.

But there is a relatively small number of people like us… compared to all the people out there spending money online every day, but who have no interest whatsoever in watching DVDs about running E-bay businesses or setting up affiliate scheme memberships.

Why not aim for BIG sales, and BIG profits?

Instead of DVDs that can only be sold to people interested in internet marketing, you need products to sell that appeal to a huge market, Worldwide!

Products that are about things THE WHOLE WORLD is interested in… like Health, Leisure, Hobbies and Wellbeing.

Products like this are far, far easier to sell because there are just far, far more people to sell them to.

Stay with me!

It’s not just money at stake.

It’s your whole future!

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