This 4pp lead letter for internet marketer ChaCha Publishing is mailed to customers who have already purchased a Front End product, raising interest in a Back End offer and directing the customer online to read a long letter and make a purchase. Back End lead letter for internet marketer Cha Cha Publishing.

completed: 2011
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Never mind MONTHLY online income. How would you like a DAILY income of £1,680 or more… day after day after day?

When Your Bank Account Is Filling Up At The Rate Of £1,680 A Day, You’ll Be Glad You Took A Minute To Read This.

Dear Friend,

Let me save you doing the maths.

£1,680 a day is over £50,000 a month. And it’s well over £600,000 a year.

It’s a MINIMUM amount you can look forward to making from your own online business once it’s up and running. (I’ll be more than happy to show you EXACTLY what you have to do to really have that £1,680 hitting your account… every single day. So keep reading.)

Online income. You can do it!

The fantastic thing about making big money online is that there’s no NORMAL rule as to who’ll be successful.

It’s not like any other kind of business or opportunity.

When you look at who makes huge incomes online they’re often not people you’d expect at all.

They often have no previous business experience. They’re almost never brilliant academics. And they are very often people who, when they start out, are having a hard time.

Out of work. Short of money. Lost a business. Recently divorced.

It’s as though their determination to fight back is all they need to drive them.

What would it mean to YOU to suddenly be making £1,680 a day?

Try to imagine it. £1,680 a day means you are £11,760 wealthier next week than you are this week. It means you’re £50,400 wealthier next month.

But maybe you don’t WANT to be rich?

Some people don’t!

If that’s you… don’t think about what you could buy with all that money. Forget about beautiful homes, nice cars, fantastic holidays and all those other material dreams.

Instead… think about what you could DO with that money.

Think about the control it would give you over your own life.

The freedom to do what you want when you want and not have to worry any more about slaving away to pay a mortgage, taking care of your car repayments or keeping on top of all the other expenses that come at you in every direction.

And think about all the things you’d be able to do to help your family and friends.

Whichever way you look at it… financial success changes your life forever.


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