This advertorial for the disruptive e-healthcare platform provider Physitrack, was written for use in an Australian professional journal read by the chiropractor community. The article details the benefits of the platform to the profession, adopting a tone of voice designed to build a relationship of trust. Two page advertorial for Physitrack.

completed: 2015
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How well patients complete their exercises between consultations, and how easy it is to judge this, has always been a problem for chiropractors. But an innovative new technology platform provides an approach-transforming solution.

Treatment-transforming video platform helps practitioners and patients get it right every time.

Blame stickmen.

No-one has done more to undermine the work of Australia’s chiropractors than those poorly sketched figures sent home to help patients understand the exercises prescribed for them.

The inadequacy of these drawings in communicating to patients, combined with patients difficulty in remembering verbal instructions, has meant exercise courses vital to successful recovery have been misinterpreted and followed incorrectly for decades.

To make matters worse, there’s been no way for chiropractors to keep an eye on how patients are doing between appointments, and so no chance to correct problems.

Now though, an innovative web and smartphone platform called Physitrack, which makes imaginative use of instructional videos and provides continuous opportunity for two way interaction between patient and chiropractor, has changed this for ever.

Physitrack. Videos not drawings.

Developed using extensive research by the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, Physitrack provides an online library of over 900 clearly narrated, high definition exercise videos.

These let chiropractors and other healthcare providers prescribe home exercise programs quickly and easily, knowing that the patient will be shown the correct way to carry out the exercises each time they do them.

Patient choice. Name your device.

Patients can complete their prescribed exercise programs with the guidance of the appropriate video on their PC, or on a tablet or smartphone via the Physitrack app.

The videos can even be streamed to AppleTV and Chromecast, for patients who want to use Physitrack on the TV in their living room.

If a patient is using the smartphone app, the exercise program is downloaded to the phone, so internet access is not then required to use it.

This is of particular value in remote areas where internet access can be unreliable.

Videos are clearly and encouragingly narrated, engaging and motivating patients while reminding them of the correct techniques to adopt.

The chiropractor can also use the app to send the patient automated email reminders, keeping them on track with their course.

For patients without smartphones or an internet connection, Physitrack lets the provider produce clear, great looking printed versions of the exercise program.

Connecting patient and practitioner.

As well as letting patients follow the videos, Physitrack lets them keep a precise record of their adherence to their prescription and report difficulties to their chiropractor or osteopath.

The practitioner can use this record to review a patient’s progress in his rehabilitation in terms of his pain levels, and his ability to achieve the exercise targets set.

It is then possible to see if the patient is on track or lagging behind, and adjust treatment accordingly.

The record also provides an early warning should a patient get ahead of himself and increase intensity or weight, with the risk of causing re-injury.

“This real-time insight and feedback loop allows the healthcare provider to pro actively adjust the patient’s exercise program in real-time, or schedule additional treatments as needed,’’ says Professor Kim Bennell, Director of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine, at the University of Melbourne.

The net benefit is that the time consuming guesswork about how a patient got on with their exercise program, that has long been a part of follow-up consultations, is eliminated.

Get Physitrack at CAA special reduced rate.

“Physitrack offers significant benefits to healthcare providers as well as their patients”, says the platform’s co-founder and CTO, Nathan Skwortsow. “Our focus on elegance and usability pays off in significant time savings.”

The CAA has negotiated preferential subscriptions for members of only $10 p/m or $99 p/a per practitioner (normally $29/$299). Institutional pricing is available to practices with 5 or more practitioners.

For more information please login to the members section of the CAA website or visit

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