I’ve gone for an energetic and dynamic enthusiasm in presenting the opportunity presented by the youthful and enterprising Clapham Clipper local paper to its catchment advertisers, and aiming to secure click-thrus to the associated landing page. Ad sales recruitment email for local publisher Clapham Clipper.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

Help Us Tell 60,000 Clapham Clipper Readers What’s Amazing About Your Business.


There’s nowhere so exciting to live… and nowhere better to be running a business.

SW4 has a unique mix of singles, young professionals and growing families, and a thriving community of restaurants, bars, shops and a thousand other kinds of business.

So… here’s your chance.

Clapham Clipper is the new monthly print and online magazine all about life in Clapham.

With 60,000 readers hungry for news of:

  • Where’s to go
  • What’s to eat
  • What’s to buy
  • Who to call to have things done

Let’s tell ’em all about your business!

Tell us what you’ve got that’s news, or exciting, or maybe absolutely unique about your menu, your approach, the things you sell or the service you provide.

And we’ll tell Clapham Clipper’s 60,000 readers.

Let’s get Clapham buying from YOUR business.

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