The American Internet Marketing Programs call for high power, 10 page sales letters such as this to drive site visitors through to an order page, eager to purchase. The DVDs and tapes on offer command significant prices, and so the writing has to work relentlessly to gain a purchase. Sales letter for Internet Pioneers.

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You could be earning £10,000 PLUS, every month, staying at home and working half as hard as you do now.

It’s worth a few minutes to find out how, isn’t it?

Please tell me this. Be honest.

How long have you had the dream of being able to earn all the money you need, month after month, without having to go out to work? A few months? A year maybe?

Or would ‘years and years’ be a more honest answer?

How long is it since you realised that the job you’re in won’t, in the end, free you up from financial worries for the long term, but will just keep you at it, day after day, week after week and year after year until you are, simply, out of time?

Don’t worry, though. And don’t be embarrassed, because if that’s the situation you’re in, you’re in exactly the same place as most other people.

You’re an intelligent person. You’re going to find this next part hard to believe.

Now I’m assuming that you’re an intelligent person, so I know that the simplicity of what I’m about to tell you may be hard to believe.

But if you give yourself the time to think it through from a business point of view, I think you’ll find it more eye-opening and exciting than any other opportunity you’ve come across or are likely to come across in the forseeable future.

This is, put simply, a serious and proven way of taking advantage of an enormous and very real business opportunity to free yourself from the 9 to 5, and build a real business, suited to your personal skills and experience, and capable of paying you anything from £10,000 to £100,000 every month, straight into your bank account.

£10,000 to £100,000 every month? Come on???

I honestly hesitated then as to whether to include those figures because I don’t want to make you go, “Oh…that’s not possible!”

I decided to include them, however because, in the end, that’s precisely what I can help you understand how to realise for yourself.

And before we go even one step further, let me set your mind at ease. This is not some multi-level marketing scheme. It’s not a franchise with an entry point of tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Sure, it’s hard to believe that anything this easy to understand and to set up can generate those kind of incomes, but that’s what excited me when it was first explained to me, and I why I took the decision that this was a business opportunity that I could use to maintain a very comfortable lifestyle and free myself up to spend more time with my wife, children, grandchildren and, yes, with my dog.


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