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Virtual IT Director. Strategic and tactical guidance at IT Director level.

Through our Virtual IT Director service, we can provide your business with the ongoing or ad-hoc input and insight of an experienced IT Director. Acting as a Consultant IT Director, the individual assigned to you will have the strategic management expertise to assist you in the longer term technical and budgetary planning of your IT to meet evolving business needs. They also have the hands on, practical, real-world implementation experience to look after the delivery of specific strategic programmes or tactical projects.


There are many situations in which a Virtual IT Director with outside perspective can prove invaluable.

You may be a CEO, CFO or COO, without an IT Director of your own, needing to develop a clear IT strategy for your business. Conversely, you may be an IT Manager needing assistance to secure board level buy-in for your strategy proposals.

In terms of tasks, you could be looking for assistance in reducing your IT spend. You may have outgrown your existing IT provision and need an expert, outside view to define a new approach. Or your existing provision may lack flexibility and innovation, be acting as a barrier to growth, and require a ground up review through fresh eyes.


We provide our Virtual IT Director service on both a project and ongoing basis.

Although certain assignments will be most effectively resourced by a member of our own team, we recognize that impartiality, as well as expert sector knowledge, may be key to your requirement. We thus also maintain a vetted network of independent, sector-aligned Consultant IT Directors, available to act in the role.

We use an initial face to face meeting to discuss your requirements, before preparing an engagement proposal. Typical engagements might include:

  • Technology Presentations to meet specific business demands (e.g. PCI Compliance)
  • Current State Assessments (of Technology and/or Process) and recommendations
  • The development of a full IT strategy for your business

Following on from the initial engagement, we can then provide longer term support in two ways:

  • Initial delivery of the IT Strategy – A shorter term engagement to help you establish a firm foundation for your IT strategy and achieve early wins.
  • On-going Virtual IT Director support – A fixed monthly cost providing access to a board level Consultant IT Director to support the on-going delivery of the IT Strategy. If your business can’t justify or doesn’t have need for a full time IT Director, we can provide strategic guidance and reassurance to your senior management team as-needed. Your Virtual IT Director will ensure that recommendations contained in their initial proposal actually deliver the business benefits predicted.


Depending on your requirement, Littlefish’s Virtual IT Director service will provide you with:

  • A better understanding of the IT agenda throughout the business
  • Improved partnership between IT and the business to support actual business needs
  • Coherent IT strategies for the business and for specific projects
  • Cost reduction through better management of spend
  • More effective and informed IT expenditure decision making
  • On-going guidance to ensure your IT continues to fit the sustainable growth and development of your business


Get in touch. We’d be pleased to discuss how a Virtual IT Director engagement could benefit your business. Call or message us now to arrange a meeting.

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