This is a template landing page, to be used in various overseas investor markets to promote my client’s expertise as consultants on London investment property. I’ve written in a professional tone of voice designed to inspire confidence, yet kept the vocabulary and syntax deliberately simple to enable easy understanding by second-language readers. Web landing page for architects and property consultants Tyler Mandic.

completed: 2014
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London Property Consultants Gordana Mandic and Peter Tyler help Russian investors to buy exclusive property in the UK capital. We can help you find and purchase a superb property, refurbish it for you and save you from making costly mistakes.

Live in Russia and want expert help to buy  property in London? Tyler Mandic can help you.

If you live in Russia, there’s no better foreign city in which to own property than London.London houses and flats are an excellent investment, and are also a fantastic addition to your own collection of homes.Trying to find the right property without making expensive mistakes is almost impossible, however, when you don’t know the city and you’re 2,500km away.We’re  Gordana Mandic and Peter Tyler.We’re experienced London property professionals who help Russian investors to buy and refurbish property in London.In more than 20 years, we’ve helped many buyers find excellent investments as well as stunning properties to live in.Just as importantly, we’ve helped them avoid making costly mistakes.

Don’t miss out on London’s constantly increasing values.

Residential property in the best London neighbourhoods has gone up in value by almost 40% in the last 5 years.Russian (and other non-UK) buyers have bought more than 70% of London properties costing GBP 10m or more.And over 50% all London properties that sold for more than GBP 2m were bought by buyers from Russia or other places outside of the UK.

Why is London the best place in the world to buy?

London has very strict controls on new developments and even on alterations to existing buildings.There is also very little land available for building in London’s best neighbourhoods, most of which were developed 200 or more years ago.This means the supply of property is permanently limited. So the value just keeps increasing!


Get help from London’s best qualified Property Consultants.

While many London Property Consultants are really estate agents, we are the owners of one of London’s best firms of residential architects and builders.

Gordana runs our architects practice, and Peter heads our building company. We specialise in refurbishing, remodelling and extending luxury London homes.

We are also highly experienced London property investors ourselves. So we have a lot of  knowledge and experience of finding and buying London property.

We have the knowledge and experience to consider the pros and cons of:

  • a property’s precise location within London
  • the way it was built originally
  • the rules and regulations that will affect any application to modernise or extend it.


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