This is a sequence of five auto responder emails written to be sent to interested dentists who had responded to an initial contact by telephone. The tone of voice is ethical and professional, while not shying away from the business of attempting to develop new customer relationships. Sales autoresponder email sequence for Biterite Dental Laboratories.

completed: 2014
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Private Lab – Exceptional Work and Service


A superb lab combining outstanding work with exceptional service.

Thank you for showing interest in Biterite.

As I explained when we spoke, Biterite is an outstanding private dental lab, producing work of the every highest quality.

We manufacture superb metal-ceramics, all-ceramics and implant work, as well as high quality prosthetics, for private dentists and their patients.

Not only great work. Great service too.

When you send work to us at Biterite, you can count on exceptional customer service and an unfaltering attitude of ‘can do’. If you need something, or you have a problem, our staff are here to sort it out for you.

All you need do is call us at Biterite on 020 8455 5321.





Labwork – Free Pick Up and Delivery


Free collection and delivery on all your labwork.

When you work with us at Biterite, we do everything we can to make your life easier. What’s more, wherever we can we do everything in our power to help increase your profitability, too.

Call us. We’ll pick up your work from you today… free.

We have our own fleet of despatch riders collecting jobs all day long, all over the M25 region. All you have to do is call us at Biterite on 020 8455 5321, and we’ll have a bike with you within a few hours.

We’ll deliver back to you free, too.

As soon as your work is complete, our despatch team will deliver it back to you. And, of course, that’s within 10 days for crown & bridge and prosthetics work, and 7 days for stages of denture work.

Even if you’re not within the M25, it’s still free.

We look after lots of dentists who are not located within the M25.

To send work to us, all you have to do is call us on 020 8455 5321 and we’ll arrange free same day/next day courier collection. Once the work is complete, we’ll courier it back to you.





Properly Accredited Labwork


Be certain your labwork meets all required standards.

Whenever you send work to us at Biterite, you can be certain about one very important thing.

Every aspect of the materials used and procedures we’ve followed meets all guidelines required by the GDC and the Department of Health. In fact, our work often carries a whole host of other accreditations, too.

Biterite. GDC registered technicians.

At Biterite, we carry out all of our production in-house. Our lab is fully CQC compliant and MHRA registered, employs GDC registered technicians, and all materials employed are of the highest quality and at the cutting edge of current technologies.

Quality assurance you can depend on.

When you send work to Biterite, you can rely on everything about it being done properly.

Which is not only good new for your patients. It also ensures you run no risk of a claim being made against you for having fitted improper prostheses.

Try us out for yourself. To send a job to Biterite, just call us on 020 8455 5321.





Great Value Labwork


If you think our work’s outstanding, wait till you’ve seen our pricing.

As you’d expect, we spend a lot of time talking about the quality of our work. But we wouldn’t want you to assume that that means that our pricing isn’t competitive. Far from it.

Biterite. Highly competitive prices on superb quality work.

At Biterite, we produce exceptional quality work for private dentistry. As you’d expect, that means skilled technicians spend many hours using high grade materials and state of the art technologies.

But given that this is what is required to deliver work of the quality we produce, we are confident that our pricing is keener than that of any other similar quality private lab. It’s impossible to obtain work of this quality at better prices.

Superb quality work. But always exceptional value.

Regardless of how complex the job you send us, you can count on it providing you with exceptional value for money.

To send a job to us at Biterite, just call us on 020 8455 5321.





A Lab That Keeps In Touch


Work with us. We’ll take great care of you.

As well as providing superb lab work at highly competitive pricing, we work hard at Biterite to maintain a level of communication and customer service that other labs rarely match.

Call Biterite at any time about your private work.

Biterite is our private practice laboratory, located in North London. We have a team of 12 people, and every one of us is here to help you and your colleagues get the labwork you need.

If you’ve not sent work to us before and you’d like to speak to us, call our Customer Services Manager, Bridget, on 020 8455 5321 or email her to She’ll be happy to help you in any way she can.

If you’d like to speak to Michael Joseph, our Managing Director, you can call him on the same number or email And, once we’re doing work for you, if you’d like to speak to an individual technician working on your job, again… same number.

For the most part… we contact you!

We’re pleased to say that on almost every occasion that it’s necessary to speak to each other, you won’t have to contact us. We don’t leave anything to chance. If anything happens that means it would be best to discuss, rest assured we’ll call you before you call us.


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