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Lawyers: Partners

Quietly and efficiently, Wesleyan for Lawyers is building an unrivalled reputation for providing specialist financial products and services to the legal profession.

Finance professionals dedicated to your professional requirements

With so many demands on your time – from client consultations and mentoring juniors, to keeping abreast of the latest legislation – it’s easy to neglect your financial planning. Our specialist Financial Consultants can help you ensure you keep everything on track.

You can find and contact your local Financial Consultant directly

Just call us, or leave your details and we’ll call you. A no-obligation financial review can make sure your personal finances are up-to-date, relevant and running smoothly.


Building a nest egg? Planning for retirement? Investing in property? Saving for your children’s future? With access to a portfolio of savings and investment plans, your local Financial Consultant can help.


Personal Pensions. Self-Invested Pensions. Stakeholder Pensions. Understanding all the implications can cause confusion. Contact your Financial Consultant for help finding the answers.


Safeguarding your family, home and lifestyle against the unexpected is vital. We have a range of products including: Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover and Life Assurance for your complete peace of mind.

Personal Insurance

Whatever your insurance requirements: home, motor or travel, carefully structured and competitively priced policies through Wesleyan give you the protection you need.

Personal Loans

Do you want to wrap up your existing borrowings into a single simple loan? Do you want to pay for a holiday, a new car or home improvements? A Personal Loan from Wesleyan Bank could be the answer.

Personal Mortgages

Good advice now can save a great deal of money in the future. With access to tens of thousands of products, your Financial Consultant is ideally placed to help you find the best deal.

Savings Accounts

Whether you want to manage your day-to-day money, invest a lump sum or build up your savings bit by bit, Wesleyan Bank has the right account for you.

Advice Services

What’s new…what’s available…what’s right for you, now and in the future? For up-to-the-minute professional advice on your money matters, talk to your local Financial Consultant.

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