This 10 page sales letter, a ‘back end’ mailing in an internet marketing venture, is unusual in as much as the client had authored his own ‘How To’ guide based on his own investment strategy and experience, and planned to use the letter to bring potential investors in to his syndicate. The letter is in a focused hard-sell style, but is underpinned with an inclusive air of ‘you can do this’. 10 page letter for Spittiburger

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We’re Expecting to Make a Great Deal of Money Through a Brand New Investment Project.

This is a Genuine Invitation to You to be Our Partner.

Dear Colleague,

What is the biggest fear of all inexperienced property investors?

What dominates the thoughts of anyone thinking about putting their money into a property based project, yet uncertain they can rely on their own knowledge?

It’s easy, isn’t it?

‘What if I make a mistake?’

‘What if I get it wrong?’

And with so much to understand, so many angles to be considered and so many choices to be made, they’re very good questions.

What if you DO get it wrong?

Rather than think about that, however…let’s think about what happens if you get it RIGHT?

Let’s not dwell on investors who make mistakes.

Let’s think instead about what happens to people who invest in property SUCCESSFULLY.

What happens to them?

As someone who’s looked into the whole business of property investment already, I’m sure you know the answer.

They make money.

Millions of pounds, very often.

Certainly hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Ordinary investors, starting out with very small sums of capital like most of us have sitting in a bank or building society account, go on to make hundreds of thousands of pounds…or MORE…out of their investments in property.

And many, many people go on to make MILLIONS.

In fact, statistics show that more ordinary investors become millionaires through investing in property, than through any other investment vehicle.

This includes shares, bonds, funds and every other kind of investment.

More ordinary investors make themselves truly rich by investing in property than in any other way.

What does ‘truly rich’ look like?

You probably don’t need to be told. But the kind of wealth readily achievable through intelligent and imaginative high-return property investment means:

  • an end to 9 to 5 working FOR EVER
  • the freedom to buy the home you’ve always wanted, in the place you’ve always dreamed of
  • the kind of freedom over your own time that ONLY real money can bring
  • a new life of top-of-the-range luxury in everything you own and experience

So how do you make sure you avoid mistakes, and build up hundreds of thousands…or even MILLIONS…of pounds from your investments?

As with most things, the best way to progress into property investment is with expert help.

But it’s hard to find.

There are advisors and consultants who will guide you for a fee, but successful investors agree that the most valuable help and support possible is if you have the chance to partner with a highly experienced investor.

When this happens, you know your money is being invested side by side with the experienced investor’s money…and the experienced investor is far less likely to take unnecessary risks or make mistakes.

Try finding an opportunity like that, though!

It’s almost impossible. Experienced and successful property investors are busy making money, and unless you happen to have one as a close friend, they are very unlikely to spare the time to cut a smaller, and inexperienced, investor in on their deals.

The bottom line is…you may never find an opportunity like that.

But one has just found YOU.

As you will know having recently purchased our book ‘Preconstruction Mastery Secrets’, we are a successful and experienced UK based property investment operation, specialising in investing money in Preconstruction development projects and land acquisition and development in the UK, the USA, and elsewhere.

Although I established Spittiburger as a vehicle for my own investments in Preconstruction development, in recent years we have become increasingly involved in opening up the possibilities of this kind of investment to others.

Now we’re about to launch our most exciting project ever.

And You are invited to be part of it.


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