The promise that you can discover exactly what has already worked for someone else is a tried and tested one, and I’ve used it in this 10 page US-style internet marketing sales letter to present an information product based around a repackaging of content which has been in the marketplace for some time. Internet marketing 10 page sales letter for Heathcliffe Online.

completed: 2008
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Find Out What A Man From Nowhere Actually Did To Make 10 Million In Just 4 Years.

Dear Colleague,

There’s a secret out there that everyone knows is just waiting to be found.

It’s the secret business formula which would make you a fortune, guaranteed, if only you could find it!

Once you found it, of course, YOU would begin to pull in thousands of pounds… then tens of thousands of pounds every month.

Before you know where you are your account would be hundreds of thousands of pounds richer.

Then millions.

With this magical formula you WOULD BE the Millionaire you dream of being!

Goodbye to the 9 to 5.

Goodbye to the commute.

Goodbye to mortgage worries, pension concerns and everything else that eats at you.

You’d have a fantastic new life, with family and friends loving the successful new you.

Enjoying the extra time you suddenly have for everyone.

Enjoying the generosity you’re happy to offer.

Enjoying the fabulous home by the sea to which you invite them.

Well…it’s ALL possible.

We all know it’s possible to free yourself up from being a wage slave and re-organise your life around a business of your own run from home.

And it’s possible to get this business working so it DOES deliver those tens of thousnds of pounds every month.

There’s no question about this.

Thousands and thousands of people have done it already.

Not “over in America”. (Don’t kid yourself that it’s happening to other kinds of people but not to people like you.)

Right here at home in the UK.

Over the last 7 or 8 years, thousands and thousands of people have discovered how to get a business of their own going, and use the income from that business to leave work and spend just a few hours a day building their fortune instead.

These people aren’t business gurus, or financial wizards.

They’re just ordinary people like us.

So did they all find that ‘magic secret’ to how to make a fortune?

Of course not!

There is no ‘magic secret’.

There’s no ingredient buried in a box which brings business success the moment you let it out.

There is ONE thing
that ALL successful business people have found, though.

It’s not a piece of special software.

It’s not a clever way of doing your accounting or of raising money.


What they have found is the formula which works for them.

A set of personal ‘business tools’ that work for them, in their business.

Things that govern the way they do business.

The way they assess opportunities. The way they handle suppliers and customers.

It’s the personal secret formula that every successful business owner has discovered for themself.

And that EVERY MILLIONAIRE INTERNET BUSINESS OWNER has discovered for themself.

Without this formula, all you can do is try to keep learning every new trick, idea and technique you read about.

With it you’ll have a strategy which ensures whatever decisions you make in your business, and whatever business you decide to be in, your success will go from strength to strength and the money will roll in.

Why The Things That Don’t Change Are More Important In Getting Rich Than The Things That Do.

At a time when FORTUNES are being made every day on the internet, it’s easy to feel you haveto be up on the ‘latest everything’.

But the ‘latest everything’ changes all the time, and keeping up with it is impossible.

There are some business tips, skills and ideas, though, which have remained the same for decades (some for even longer) and which go on bringing BIG MONEY SUCCESS to everyone who uses them year after year.

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