Internet marketing US-style sales letter, which I’ve written for the UK market. The offer is built around the concept that only a few readily defeatable ‘Personal Obstacles to Success’ stand between the reader and significant wealth. Internet marketing front-end 12 page letter for 7 Towers Marketing.

completed: 2007
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In the time you’d while away watching a couple of movies… discover how to

Knock Down Your Personal ‘Obstacles to Success’ and Enjoy the Wealth You Deserve.

Dear Friend,

What comes into your mind when you think about success?

Is it wealth? Holidays? Property maybe? Expensive cars and jewellery?

Or is YOUR idea of success to do with work?

Do you imagine being The Boss? Owning the Company? Having people work for you?

Maybe it’s neither of these?

Maybe when you think about success you think about social success? Being at the centre of a world of glamorous and affluent people?

Exciting parties filled with beautiful friends and acquaintances enjoying the good life.

Or maybe you’re more ambitious than other people in your dreams?

When you think about success do you want ALL of these?

Money. Power. And a parade of well-connected, sexy, amusing friends to enjoy life with.

So do you think it’s realistic, your dream?

Do you think there’s any point in someone like you having a dream like this?

Damn right there is!

Having a dream…having a vision of the way you see success… is the first but highly important step on the journey to getting there.

And that’s what I’d like you to spend a few minutes with me to find out about.

How you can achieve the same success for yourself – defined by your own, personal ambitions – as the most successful people of the last decade.

The Single Thing That Defeats Most People

For most people, the problem about their journey towards success is that it looks impossible to them even to start out on.


Because each and every one of us has hidden obstacles buried deep in our psyche. And unless we can uncover and overcome these obstacles, we limit ourselves through fear and our dreams of success are doomed to stay just that. Dreams.

How do I know?

That’s easy!

I know because I’m no different to you!

My name’s Derek ________. Today, I own a successful and growing business which shows people how to achieve success they might otherwise never enjoy.

This is done using the same methods and techniques employed by a huge number of the most successful individuals to have achieved their dreams within the last 5 years.

And let me share my secret with you, before we go any further.

At 51 years of age, I’m more than happy to tell you that it hasn’t always been like this for me.

I had exactly the same difficulty in overcoming my own hidden obstacles that I described above.

Now I have real control of my own life.


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