This 10-page US-style internet marketing sales letter works off a headline which quantifies, and so seems to state as a fact, that the ingredient you are missing in order to become wealthy amounts to only a mere 3% of everything required. With this assertion that you already have almost everything you need, the letter draws in the reader, keen to find out how to obtain the missing element. Internet marketing front-end 10 page letter for Digitamation.

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You’re Now Missing Less Than 3% Of Everything You Need To Be Wealthy.

Dear Colleague,

Don’t you get tired of hearing people going on about “getting rich”?

You hear it over and over again, and usually from the least likely people.

But the truth is that for most people… it’s NONSENSE.

What does ‘RICH’ actually mean?

For most people, being ‘rich’ is never going to be anything more than a fantasy.

It’s nothing more than a dream they have about unlimited money and endless holidays.

Forget about ‘Getting Rich’ !

The chances of it happening are so small and out of your control that it’s A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

Thinking about ‘Getting Rich’ simply distracts you from something just as life-transforming… yet far more realistic.

Instead of thinking about an abstract and pointless dream…think about something you could actually make happen with a little work.

After all..isn’t what you really want… to make enough money to be ‘wealthy’ for the rest of your life.

What’s The Difference?

‘Rich’ is just an idea. You can’t say how much money you’d need to be ‘Rich’, what you’d actually do with it or how you’d begin to go about making it.

‘Rich’ is about private jets, beachfront mansions on Caribbean islands and multi-million pound yachts moored in distant lagoons. Is that really what’s important to you?

Why ‘Wealthy’ is better than ‘Rich’.

‘Wealthy’ is real.

Its great attraction is that it’s possible for almost any averagely intelligent person to work out how to become ‘Wealthy’. Or even ‘Very Wealthy.’

‘Wealthy’ is a beautiful home which you own outright.

‘Wealthy’ is a second home overseas, ready for you to come and potter about whenever you like.

‘Wealthy’ is a powerful new Mercedes, or maybe an Aston Martin, bought outright.

The point is that when you’re ‘Wealthy’, whichever of these choices you make doesn’t involve borrowing or worries.

And they certainly don’t involve you going out to work in a 9 to 5 job any more.

You enjoy the relaxing and carefree life that goes with knowing you have more than enough money, and that it will continue to come in month after month.

The amazing thing is, you’ve already GOT over 97% of everything you need to make yourself wealthy for the rest of your life.

You already have all the life experience you’ll need.

You understand the simple basics of how money comes and how it goes.

You know what’s important to you and what isn’t.

You know what you would be happy to do and what you would not.

You could start out on making yourself wealthy right now!

You could sit down right now and work out for yourself how much money you think you’d need to feel ‘Wealthy’.

Don’t be afraid to allow yourself as much as you think in every area of your life.

Once you see what the amount you’d need is, you’ll already be closer to achieving it than people who dream idly of being ‘Rich’ will ever get.

It’s likely that all you are missing is a small amount of practical know-how.

This know-how is just the last 2 or 3% that you’ll need to have EVERYTHING in place to make yourself TRULY WEALTHY for the rest of your life.

The Most Effective Way of Making The Money You Need To Be Wealthy.

You probably realise already that more than 88% of people who have successfully transformed their lifestyle in the last 7 years in the UK have done so using the same method.

By starting a business which takes advantage of the internet’s unlimited markets, hundreds of thousands of people here in the UK have been able to set themselves up to be wealthy for the rest of their lives.

They’ve been able to turn their backs on working for other people, reorganise their lives, and pay off their mortgages.


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