PR, Press Releases and Articles Copywriter Samples Samples

These are samples of my work as a press release copywriter.
Press releases are a great way to have a story about your business published on sites, or written about by journalists, with an interest – and audience- interested in your subject.
Your press release needs to be interesting enough to make sites or publications want to republish it or write a story based on it. So whatever else you decide to put into it, the most important element is something that's actually worth talking about (e.g. a new product, a merger, a big account win, a key hiring, an exciting new offer etc).
Writing your press release
Assuming you've got something that is worth talking about, I write a headline with news impact and also optimised for search; organise the telling of the story carefully; add an attributed quote from one or two meaningful participants; and perhaps some supporting and referenced statistic.
Sites and journalists have an insatiable need for stories. With a good release, you'll get widespread, and relatively low cost coverage.