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My E-mail Copywriting work includes writing both general marketing-purposed E-mails, and more direct E-mail Sales Letters for both ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ recipients. It also covers E-mail communications aimed at internal audiences.
I work with you to plan the campaign carefully, making sure we map out exactly how the sequence of E-mails should be structured before I start writing.
I write the vital Subject line (which influences how many emails get delivered and opened), as well as the email itself. If the E-mails are going out as ‘designed’ HTML mails containing images and graphic styling, I will fit the copy to the template you’ve provided, or else create a rough layout which you or your developer can then follow.
If you’re sending text-only or formatted text emails, which have more of the character of a personal letter than of marketing material, than I write to maximise the potential this offers.