Media, Leaflet and Brochure Copywriter Samples

As well as brochures, writing leaflets and other printed publications is part of the expertise of a brochure copywriter.
There’s no single style of copywriting for brochures, of course, because like any other piece of marketing material your business puts out, each one needs a tone of voice that’s right for your brand and comfortable for the audience you’re talking to. However, copy for printed items works quite differently to web content, and so it’s rarely a good idea to copy and paste your website text into a print layout and call it a brochure.
Writing your brochure
Whether I’m writing a brochure or any other job that will end up printed, I write the copy in a visual mockup of the finished item created in Adobe InDesign.
This way I can make sure that the copy fits its intended layout, and also that the headlines, main text, inset panels, pull quotes and other copy items all  work properly together, without leaving it to your designer to decide what to emphasise or pick out.
These are some samples of my work.