Wow! A Sales Letter copywriter who writes letters and landing pages that actually convert.

Trying to find a sales letter copywriter who can help you create a successful marketing campaign using DM sales letters, web landing pages or e-mailshots?

My name’s Laurence Blume. I’ve been writing sales letters for more than twenty years, so my approach is based on hard-won experience, derived from actual metrics, of what works and what doesn’t.

Writing good sales letters. A science and an art.

I have a thorough understanding of the core technical requirements of writing any sales letter, regardless of whether it’s to appear in print or be used as a landing page or email.

In addition, I understand the bespoke requirements of each individual medium, and how these differ from one to the other.

So when I write, I combine the knowledge of what makes a good, basic sales letter with a proper respect for the reader behaviour and conversion triggers of the  medium you’re using.

The result is sales letters that build their case strongly and persuasively and achieve outstanding conversion.

A sales letter copywriter who beats controls and outperforms targets.

Here’s some feedback from a client for whom I recently rewrote a funnel page to A/B test against his control:

“The results were very positive… Your copy gave a ~12% increase in clicks from the article to the campaign landing page. Your copy also had a positive effect on users’ propensity to register on the final campaign landing page. Conversion rates on the exact same funnel page, with the click originating from your copy versus the original increased by approx. 20%. So the uplift was compounded. Overall a great job, thanks.”

And here’s another from a client I helped needing to secure downloads of their e-commerce app:

“Close to 2500 downloads now. Cost per install cut by almost 200%… from £15 to about £6. Thanks for all your hard work :)”

More of a phone person than a form person?

Call me now. I’m probably just here at my desk writing.

Need a Sales Letter Copywriter whose work actually sells?

If you need a direct marketing sales letter, a web landing page or an email sales letter, take a look at the examples of my work that follow the form. 

If you’d like to discuss your project with me, call me on 07931 346398 or message me using the form.

Having searched for the best copywriters in the world, Laurence’s name was on several of these lists, and after working with him MORE

Ryan Renteria CEO, Stretch Five Executive Coaching

Laurence is an outstanding copywriter. He not only wrote a great landing page, he helped me to really think about my target MORE

Mike Ncube CEO, Ncube Digital

Having spoken with several copywriters, we chose to work with Laurence for many reasons. His mountain of experience, deep understanding of our MORE

Mike Partridge CEO, MGP Solutions

Recently, we engaged with Laurence to completely overhaul the written content for our website. From the start of the project Laurence was MORE

Tracey Smith-Atkins FCCA FMAAT CEO, Shaw Lifetime Care

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Check out some of my Sales Letter copywriting.

This first set are all letters written for conventional businesses.

And these are all letters written for 'information product' type internet marketers.