These are bona fide client testimonials.  Some have been extracted from unsolicited emails, while others were submitted by the clients concerned using a form offered to them on completion of their projects.

Absolutely amazing work, I am so so glad we found you. It is exactly what we need and we are totally thrilled. Thank you for making this so easy and fast. We have shown several industry friends, and colleagues and everyone has come back with 100% positive feedback. You did a truly great job. We weren’t sure what to expect but the layout makes it idiot proof and so much easier to work towards than I was expecting.

Lucinda Bristow Founder, Vocademy Ltd

Outstanding! Laurence is a creative artist and an organised project manager which are 2 personality traits rarely found in 1 person. The best accolade I can bestow on him is that I am already looking for the next project to get him involved in. Thank you Laurence, I look forward to our next project together.

Damian Keyes Founder, Vocademy Ltd

We first contacted Freelance Copywriter simply because we wanted to add a bit more oomph to the written content of our website. Upon their advice, we revamped our whole website. I’m glad we did. The result was a sixfold increase in web orders virtually overnight.

Tom Walsh Director, Taurus Beds Ltd

My small business was going no where, but by the time I had finished with Laurence not only did I have well written content for all sectors of the business, but also a beautifully designed website which works like a Ferrari. Now my business looks really professional (confidence boosting too). Laurence always ‘gets it’, he understands the nuances, as well as the tiresome technical details, and the key point is that I will go back to Laurence for everything else I need for my business. Just to add, for good measure – he’s a great guy.

Penelope Champin Owner, Chocolate Puddding

What impressed me about your previous work was that I found myself reading about something I had little or no interest in. You had the balance just right between getting the message across professionally whilst avoiding the dry, vapour text that is all too infrequently encountered.

Russell Nelson Head of Marketing, JANET (UK)

Gary loved the copy! He’ll get back to me soon with any amends but there didn’t seem to be any at the meeting! He loved your writing. It was exactly what he was after and he thought it was extremely professional! I’m going on the assumption that there will be no amends for you to do 🙂

Kate Brimley Owner, Frillie Design

Laurence was busy when I tried to commission him to write my 12 page letter, but I had a gut-feel that he would be good and so I put quite some effort into persuading him. The result was a superb sales letter written on a ‘tack’ that I had not envisaged but which I thought to be both differentiated from the mainstream and highly compelling. Will I be using Laurence again? I already have! Laurence produced a stunning, engaging and incredibly readable 24 page Back-End sales letter taking our DVD product and training course and melding them into a highly desirable offering. Definitely 6 marks out of 5!

Phil Turtle Director, Abicos Ltd

Love it! Simple. Clear. Logical. The landing page sales letter is superb. The best compliment I can give is that I personally found it compelling, authentic and above all…believable. If I can feel like that about a sales letter (I’ve read enough to last a lifetime!) then my market will I’m sure.

Phil Davies Director, Sporting Excellence

Laurence, it is absolutely brilliant I LOVE it!!! I’ll speak to you next week. Congratulations!

Davy Dhillon

First of all, WOW! I’m blown away impressed. Based on your web site, I thought you could do this. But you did it so much better than I thought! You had pages of info to work with and managed to get it perfect. And on one page! I was really hoping you could get it all on the home page.

Rachel Rehm Director, Perfect Notes Corp

Very good service from someone who has a wonderful way with words. Great service that met my expectations – although my expectations were high! Have used again and will continue to do so.

Alex Josling Managing Director, Audio 7

Hello Laurence! A Masterpiece! Thank you very much. I am very excited about this and cant wait to launch…I am also very looking forward to you writing the copy for my other project, and also ANTHING else im involved in, in the future. Thanks again Laurence, be in touch soon, Paul.

Paul Butson Founder, The Money List