Marketing Consultants

Let’s plan your marketing activity before you begin spending money.

Hiring conventional marketing consultants can be a significant investment for your business.

If you run a smaller or medium sized business you’ll be keen to make sure that the money you have available to spend on marketing gets used effectively.

And yet you’ll have multiple products or services to promote as well as an array of audiences to reach. There’s a huge range of media channels available for you to consider. So deciding on how to organise your marketing activity across the year can be confusing and intimidating.

If you’d like some help in planning your marketing, please give me a call.

That way, we can make sure you don’t start spending money until you’re confident it won’t be wasted,

I’m used to helping companies large and small (and in every imaginable sector) to create effective and practical marketing campaigns. I’ve also helped some of the world’s most famous brands, as well as lots of entrepreneurs, owners and managers of SMEs.

Out and about? More of a phone person than a form person? Call me right now. I’m probably just at my desk writing. You call. I answer. 07931 346398

Marketing consultants focused on making things happen.

It’s best to start around the table, so you can tell me about your situation and what you need to achieve.

If you’re able to quantify the budget available to work with, we can work backwards from there. By defining tasks and broad approaches, we can block in how and on what we should deploy your funds across the year.

Alternatively, we can do the same process but without you defining a budget.

If this case, we simply block notional sums into place for each part of your marketing plan, based on what might be spent on that component ‘in an ideal world’. We can then see what this looks like as a budget requirement.

Both approaches work, though the former is rather more expedient.

Web consultants, online marketing consultants, SEO consultants.

I can help you with website organisation, user journeys, UI, SEO and other online marketing issues on which you might find it hard to find independent advice.

I am a good generalist myself, and have the understanding and knowledge to guide many smaller businesses without further help.

Web marketing is now an extremely sophisticated science, however. I’m quick to encourage marketers with more exacting needs to talk to individual specialists to help us develop the detail of any planned activity. I have relationships with good SEO, social media, PPC management and technical development partners. I’ll be pleased to bring these colleagues into the conversation should this seem advisable.

Let’s have a chat about the help you need.

Most marketing consultants have a background in campaign planning and management. My background, in contrast, is in ‘doing’.

I have years of experience creating the work that actually forms the crux of your marketing activity. Because of this, my approach tends to be ideal for companies that don’t want to overcomplicate things, but wishto ensure their money gets them the results they need.

If you’d like to talk to talk over your marketing challenge with me, give me a call or fill out the form.

Out and about? More of a phone person than a form person? Call me right now. I’m probably just at my desk writing. You call. I answer. 07931 346398