London Copywriter

Looking for a London copywriter?
Be careful you don’t just choose one who  happens to live in London.

You seem to be searching for a London copywriter.

Which may mean that you’re simply hoping to find a copywriter who’s based in London.

If that’s the case, well, I do fit the bill: I’m 5 miles out of the West End and 6 miles from the City.

But in my view, that isn’t what makes me a London copywriter.

What being a London copywriter really means.

I’m Laurence Blume. I’ve worked as a copywriter in London for more than three decades.

During that time, I spent 18 years at some of London’s top advertising agencies, gaining experience that isn’t available anywhere but London.

Since then, I’ve spent years writing for City financial institutions, West End commercial organisations and the kind of London-headquartered global corporates you can, again, work with only by being in London.

So for me, being a ‘London copywriter’ is nothing to do with my location.

It’s all to do with my experience.

So, how can this ‘London copywriter’ help you?

Web content. Marketing emails. Sales letters. Brochures. Social media. Commercials. Marketing strategy.

No matter what media, channels or platforms you’re using, or what item of marketing collateral you need to create, I write focused and powerful copy that engages your audience and tells your story clearly and effectively.

Copy that sells, explains, persuades, befriends, excited, motivates or inspires.

Each task is different.

Because every business is different.

Using the experience of a real ‘London copywriter’.

I work one to one with SME business owners and managers, marketing teams in enterprise organisations, and entrepreneurs in startup situations.

Please have a look at some of these samples of the work I’ve done for hundreds of clients over the years,

Then check out these Testimonials from clients who’ve worked with me.

Once you’ve taken a look, all you need do is fill in the form.

Let’s have a chat about your project.

Out and about? More of a phone person than a form person? Call me right now. I’m probably just at my desk writing. You call. I answer. 07931 346398