Large Website Copywriting Projects

Any copywriter can deal with a 10 page website. But what if you need 200 pages?

Large Website Copywriting, writing the content for a website that contains hundreds of pages, is a complicated logistics task.

Just about any reasonable copywriter can look after a site that contains only a handful of pages. However, organising the source material, writing the drafts, managing the timeline and keeping track of versioned revision requests on a site comprising a hundred or more pages is a skilled job that requires experience, technical resources and no small measure of professionalism.

My name’s Laurence Blume. I have lots of experience on large website copywriting projects of this kind, including several in the most exacting and demanding of all sectors: financial services.

In completing these jobs, I’ve developed models for delivering a consistent tone of voice, along with accuracy of complex content detail, on time and on budget.

Writing the content for very large websites. How I go about it.

I assign a professional project manager to work alongside me. He or she will manage the timeline and versioned copy sheets, regulating progress and co-ordinating any additional writers working with me to help me meet the milestones. They will also liaise with your project manager throughout.

I collaborate with your developers and SEO consultants as required. I agree with you a methodology for writing, approval submissions and revisions. This is based on the specifics of the project, your approvals process and the structure of the site.

I write specifically for the copy zones within the page templates for each area or level of the site. This means that the content I deliver can be loaded directly into your content management system.

On really large site projects with a pressurised turnaround schedule, I will scale manpower.  This involves adding other professional content writers to my own resource, and meticulously quality controlling the output.

Get in touch and let’s talk about your project.

If you feel I may be able to help you with completing a large web project of this kind, please get in touch.

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